• Dithering Is That A Word???

    It seems that as I paint over older paintings I’m coming up with ideas that are all over the place.

    I choose different colors that the art piece had before leaving just part of the art in an area.

    Planning is not my juice. I attack then squeeze paint here there and every where. I am

    learning more about myself as I journey through creativity.

    I’ve been in galleries but if I change my style I’m no longer wanted there because I’m not

    consistent. In Oregon, I had a show gave a talk sold 5 large paintings in that month alone.

    they gave me the freedom to send more but because I changed from red to deep turquoise

    they didn’t want to represent me I believe it was more than that though. That is why I opened

    my own gallery here in Arizona. Times changed and I changed. I closed my gallery for years.

    God has a plan for me so I continue to paint but more relaxed and free rather than trying

    to get accepted and follow what everyone else is doing. My heart belongs to Jesus and I know

    I’m loved by God. so maybe I am dithering but I am in peace.

  • Walking the talk and talking the walk

    I’ve been in flux for a while going back in forth in what TO really WANT in my life. The journey is tough sometimes and sometimes rewarding. First off is to acknowledge God loves me ME!! Here I am in my late 70s and God has planted a hope in me than He isn’t finished with me yet!

    I’ve had some success in the art world but that doesn’t mean anything to me today. The gift of painting is still there but where to put that somewhere by journaling or sharing the gift somehow is still a puzzle.

    Learning to wait while growing in my faith takes a lot of patience and a gift of peace that Jesus promised us. So getting joy again in my painting process helps to move me forward. Whee!

  • My right arm is getting better!

    The realization that my right arm wasn’t working well was when I developed trigger finger. My right arm had gotten weaker and weaker through the Covid time when the gym was closed and I was just walking outside. Silver Sneakers is a program for seniors to help work all the body to keep in shape and I was losing out where it was difficult to use even driving!

    For those who don’t know my left arm is paralyzed from polio when I was a young girl. That was an epidemic in the late 40’s early 50’s until Jonas Salk came out with the polio vaccine. I was paralyzed from the neck down and slowly recovered body movement except my left arm.

    Using my right arm is very important and so when I was getting weaker and weaker I didn’t understand why. I developed flare ups in my skin and went to the dermatologist to understand what was happening and developed the trigger finger the flare ups and all because of the foods like citrus and nightshade. So I cut down on those foods but came to the realization that my arm wasn’t working like it should. Sometimes when something else is happening God helps you to realize that I needed help with something else. I went to an Ortho Dr. He gave me a shot for my trigger finger which really helped but also recommended physical therapy. Tomorrow’s my third session. I’m doing exercises at home and doing extra at therapy. My therapist is very encouraging. So a new adventure is here and I am very grateful!

  • Realizing My Truth

    I closed my gallery/studio in Scottsdale late 2014. After that I was in a funk for years, even not doing painting. It has been a slow journey back to realizing that God gave me this gift to create and to relearn who I was when I started with art. The passion and joy of making art and sharing it with others and hopefully move emotion was MY plan. I have had wonderful experiences in the past (check my about page). But the journey wasn’t about that, it was my walk and acknowledgement of who really is in charge of HIS plan. So the beat goes on and realizing my art is not really who I am anymore so I am changing back not totally but a combination of then and now. All I ask is you tell me your story. Thanks.

    Acrylic and silk 20 x 20
  • Moving forward getting ready to rock!

    Is it too soon or is soon enough? The art world is confused and more so with the pandemic. I’ve taken from 2015 to now to get my mojo going. In the meantime, I’ve recovered from being burnt out and not listening on so many levels to growing into peace. A tough realization of who I am to the knowing of real love of the Lord. Trusting that He had called me to be an artist later in life. So to choose not to do much social media and be open to His direction is out of step with the whole trending thing of this world. I am teaching art this week privately. I wasn’t looking for it but there it was. So who knows what will come next. I am so grateful!

  • Seeing but not realizing

    Here I am thinking I had a handle on my progress and yet not seeing some pride in me still. When I opened a big book of my paper paintings I was shocked. My colors were dull. That is because of the cataract lens that were yellow as I referred in my last blog. I’m working on brightening them but it is different than starting a new painting. Doing this I’m struggling a bit.

    I’m also struggling on my journey with pride that is still there. Not as much but still I catch myself seeing that in me from time to time. It is a struggle too to decide how I want to move forward in art ( promoting myself) and also sometimes thinking I’ve got some wisdom that God put in the Bible then God reveals to me a new truth that I need to see.

    Bursting 12×12 Acrylic
  • Seeing in a different way

    It is amazing what happened when I had cataract surgery on both eyes. After the first cataract, it was so bright outside and I compared the one eye with other eye and the eye not done yet had a yellowish cast it. I really didn’t realize how I ‘ve been battling colors. Now I have both eyes clear it brings a new dimension.

    Sweet Dreams 13 x 11 paper

    Also, I’ve been limping along to put my art out there. So I had other websites but really could not bring my thoughts fresh to it. I have been doing the same old presentations and also doing my art in my in the box style.

    After many years of thinking in the art business the way how everybody was doing it and not really thinking about the journey that God had laid it out for me. I now think okay Holy Spirit lay out the next step for me and and I will step out one step at a time. So here is the new website with my blog and new art and also with the art that went with my blog. Enjoy!!!

  • 2021An absence for years:starting again

    What a difference these years made to rejuvenate and really finding myself as an artist again! I closed my physical gallery and found myself foundering and realizing the mistakes I had made I also found my journey t become closer to The Lord and Jesus. I had made my art an idol.

    This realization took years and much study of the Holy Spirit and the guidance the Bible gave to become more mature in my walk. Also too I realized I was burnt out and didn’t have any joy in my paintings. It was hard work. Yes, creating art is hard work but it should bring peace and and enjoyment of the journey. I stopped having a website having turned all art into trusting God for his plan for me. That doesn’t stop me for taking the next step.

  • Restlessness
    Mandala LL-15 Night Session
    Night Session – Mandala NFS
    Do you find yourself restless?   Feeling uncomfortable?  Right now I do because I don’t feel comfortable where I’m at.  It’s like shedding of my skin and now renewing myself to the next level.  The question when it first starts is,  what is going on?  Why am I getting  kind of crabby and am disjointed in my thinking?  My thoughts go all over the place.  Why am I doing what I’m doing?  I wear myself out.  What is eating me?  Finally I realize what the matter is.  I’m GROWING!!
  • Going His Way

    So many times I want to “figure” out what to do next in my art career.  I’ve done that through the years and I’ve had some “success”.  The thing is, it isn’t as satisfying as following the path that God puts me on.  It maybe slow but it is the surer path to peace and joy.    I chose a tougher path because It helps me grow more in love and maturity.  I have met the most wonderful people on this path and I am very grateful because it isn’t about things but relationships. I don’t have to “figure” out just Go His Way.

  • Joy to You and Me
    It’s amazing how the commercials are more joyful around this time of year.   It’s good will to all men and women no matter what.  That is what the relationship to God and Christ is all about.  It isn’t about religion but the walk we do each and every day. That understanding is Joy is My Strength_edited-2what we are called to do for others as we do for ourselves.  Yes the religious get caught up on the do’s and don’ts  but God wants us to see more in each individual. We all have troubles that is the human quotient but how we handle those troubles with humility and  great attitude.  So as the Holy Spirit reminds me ” Get your big girl pants on” and tackle each day with joy the rest will make each much easier. So I’m sending joy to you and me!
  • Lots of Outpouring from Fred and Gail
    November 7th 2015,  Their was an outpouring of love and appreciation going on.  Fred and Gail Tieken had their first opening of their art gallery and invited 44 (plus Fred)  artists to show their work called AZ45.  It was a magical evening. The work that was put into this opening was amazing!!  It was like a premiere.  They had Kleig lights, caterers, valet parking and a wonderful jazz group.  It was fun to mix with so many young artists that I had never met and getting to see their work.  They also had a professional photographer taking pictures.  The weather was just right and under the stars it couldn’t be more perfect.   What a gift you gave us all Fred and Gail.  Thank you.
  • Enjoy my paintings of the Number 3
    Using the Number 3
    Using the Number 3
  • Pursuit of What?
    Sometimes I get into my head and do too much thinking in pursuit of what?  Do you do that too?  It is a futile exercise. Wondering what SHOULD I do next.  I need to be quiet and listen for the answer instead of trying to figure it out.  Letting the Holy Spirit guide me.   I’m much more willing to listen because with age hopefully comes wisdom. So what am I in pursuit of now?  I’ll let you know.  Let me know what you  are in pursuit for.
    Sky Dreams 3 13 x 10 acrylic on paper
    Sky Dreams 3 13 x 10 acrylic on paper
  • Relaxing by Playing with Paint
    This summer has been a blessing even with some minor physical problems.  It caused me to really listen to the Holy Spirit and be quiet.  I am content more so than I’ve ever been.  I’m playing with paints and the images are coming out so differently than the plainly abstract that I usually do.   I don’t question it  I’m just playing with paint and not questioning it.  Aspen trees I just love so here are 2.  They range in price.  Aspen Leaves 16x 16_edited-1 Aspen Love 12x 12_edited-2
  • Part 2 of Installation of 1st week of Genesis
    I am so grateful for this opportunity to share!installation
  • Installation of 7 panels
    Hi, Just installed my series of 7 panels of the “First Week of Genesis- The Beginning”.  It is shown at Scottsdale Bible Mountain Valley campus on Perimeter in the Airpark.  I’m humbled and honored to be hung in the Sanctuary.  I’m grateful to God.  This has been in the making over more than 5 years. SDC11426
  • It’s A New Day, New Way
    Branching Out
    Branching Out
    Loving seeing in a new way the flowers, trees and plants this spring.  Having the freedom to breathe and enjoy.  The last three years spring was just a season with allergies.  This year without the burden of having a gallery I’m almost giddy with the freedom to really enjoy spring.  Don’t get me wrong there is a reason for everything that I have been given to do by faith.  Now with this season of growth I can celebrate.  I’ve been doing my new website  and painting on “The Garden Of Eden” in a new way.  Maybe that is why I’m seeing really seeing spring.
  • Lori Landis – Abstract Painting, Joan Miro Paintings, Contemporary Paintings
    Lori Landis – Abstract Painting, Joan Miro Paintings, Contemporary Paintings.
  • Getting my Footing
    Getting My Footing
    Getting My Footing
    I’ve had a lot of changes in my life in the last 4 months and I’m approaching it as an adventure and a shake -up to my old way of thinking.  I’d like to shake up the way people perceive me too.  I’m working on a new lighter website to show my newer work and some older work.  Here is the kicker though I now depend on God to show me the way to do my daily living.  My thoughts are so much brighter and more about love.  It’s the trust that sets my footing.
  • Discover Lori Landis
    I don’t know about you but I’m discovering and using social media.  So I’m asking you to discovering my page on Facebook called Lori Landis. I’ll be offering specials from time to time.  I’m also on, and under Lori  Landis. Have a fun time.  If you get on my page on Facebook I’m offering this original for $95.00  It’s called “Bird in Hand”  Happy Hunting!
    Acrylic 11x5 1/2 on paper
    Acrylic 11×5 1/2 on paper
  • Time Flies By
    It is amazing to me how each day flies by.  I have a general plan in place and then a miraculous thing happens.  New things pop up that I wasn’t expecting.  Since closing the gallery there is a new freedom of being able do and think in a new way!  I’m a little giddy!  Maybe it’s about springtime!! Maybe it’s the new living space.  Maybe it’s the growth I feel in my walk with God.  It doesn’t matter because I’m very grateful for it all.   The last three springs I didn’t feel this way because I wasn’t feeling free.  As an artist independence is a thing we crave. This spring is a new renewal in my Spirit that I love and the times fly by!
    Sweet Carrots
    Sweet Carrots
  • Part of the series Trail of Green
    Those three 10x10's acrylic canvas wrap are part of 6.
    Those three 10×10’s acrylic canvas wrap are part of 6.
    SDC10955 SDC10952
  • Step by Step
    I’ve never been one to go step by step.  I just plunge in and go go go,   but since my move I’m relishing the step by step process.   Why was I in such a hurry before?   My mind got in such a muddle and negative thoughts came rolling in.    If I get very tired THOSE  thoughts follow me again.   If I take things step by step I slow down, I do a better job and I can listen better to God.  Then peace flows like a river through my body mind and spirit.  I then am standing in Gratitude step by step.
    Trail of Green 10x10  acrylic canvas wrap
    Trail of Green 10×10
    acrylic canvas wrap
  • Betwix and Between
    The end of 2014 is here and I’m in betwix and between 2015 and new adventures!  The end of my era as a gallery owner after 3 years on Scottsdale Main St. came the end of October when my lease was done.  That day I was so tired that I tripped and broke my tailbone. It has been painful. My focus hasn’t been the art business because I have another move and am packing up boxes. After two months of laying and sitting and really wondering where I was going, at 2am I got up and made the start of a map.  I decided to use the free form instead of bullet points.  This map going from the center with lines going out is my way of seeing what options I have.   Of course, this is a journey with many twists and turns.   I humbly ask for help.   Whether you know someone who could help me or you yourself please e-mail me.  I’m looking for corporate clients and even Stationary stores and even social media or newsletter person. My artwork is in corporate collections on the east coast and been in galleries from coast to coast.  take a look at
    My first gallery sale 2000
    My first gallery sale 2000
  • Resting and Waiting
    Closing the gallery took a lot out of me including my broken tailbone.  It’s been 3 weeks and a very slow recovery.  But I don’t mind because I know God has something wonderful ahead for me.   When I have pain I’m not able  to try to “figure” anything out but to rest in my mind body and spirit.   So in the next few weeks I’ll be working and improving my website.   Maybe next week I’ll go to my storage unit and straighten things out. My artwork is still available and if you need a commission let me know.   I’m going to enjoy and have a feast of life.  Hopefully you feel that with my paintings.  Go to or e-mail me at:   
    It’s Amazing that I’ve had my gallery for three full years. But times are a changing and me too. God has directed me to move on for new vistas. Closing is a lot of work but it is cleansing at the same time. I have been releasing a lot of stuff. Right now I’ll be showing my art in a storage facility and painting in my garage until God show me where to go next. I’m so relived not to have to be open. Now I’ll have time for updating my website Email me at
    An Idea flies like the butterfly
    An Idea flies like the butterfly
  • Belief
    An Idea flies like the butterfly
    An Idea flies like the butterfly
    An Idea flies like the butterfly
    The journey continues with your belief and faith in God and yourself. With all the external chatter out there of negativity, you have to have the strength and boldness to move forward. If I didn’t have my faith in the Holy Spirit I would be defeated before I start. Life is always going to hand you lemons but together with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit you can have peace for whatever comes your way. Leave the bad behind and focus on the good.
  • Developing Relationships
    It seems that as we get more into the technologic age we don’t really develop relationships with humans but only with the computer and internet. It’s sad. Have you noticed that your power on facebook is dwindling. You are not reaching all that are on your list. It’s like pushing a noodle up a hill. Stagnation is rearing it’s nasty head. Where are we really learning or growing in friendship? Are we developing more and more face to face relationships? Are we fooling ourselves? Wake up and realize that we are losing touch and ask yourself is this what I want?
  • Trying Too Hard?
    As I pursue my goals sometimes I get in my own way by trying too hard.   The intense feeling blocks me from thinking great thoughts.  I get confused because I’m not listening to the Holy Spirit.  So I take a deep breath and slow my mind.  Peace is that place I can achieve when I pace my thoughts and think what does God want me to do.  It relieves the intensity and now I can relax and move on.  I really don’t have to try too hard just trust the answer is there.
    Yin and Yang a balanced Life #6
    Yin and Yang a balanced Life #6
  • Ups and Downs in Life
    Working through the ups and downs in life can sometimes take a toll.  But  if you have peace in God  that seesaw becomes joyful with twists and turns and great surprises.  I was watching this morning a program about mentoring young adult artists and the various arts they are participating in and heard something I haven’t heard in a long time.  It was the song  “The Impossible Dream”.  It brought me to tears.  What a surprise!!! The words were so moving about creating. Looking at my art I can look with new eyes.  I’ve been called to make the best art I can make without thinking about sales but just about my connection with all humanity and love!!  Yes, I can make art with great love. There will be trials to strengthen me but the ups and downs will  level out with that love and peace.  This painting is called “An Uncommitted Day”.
    An Uncommitted Day
    24×24 acrylic
  • Left Behind in the Tech World
    It seems that there is so much going on in the tech world and I’m not keeping up.  I’ve tried various avenues yet I don’t know the geek language enough anymore to move me forward.  But I do have God  and the Holy Spirit to guide me.  So no whining please.  I’ll just have peace and not get frustrated.
  • Time Is Precious
    It’s funny how we humans view time and how we waste it.   This journey and time are precious.  Are you aware about time?  As i enter my 70’s I’m much more aware of the breeze coming through the window and the aroma of newly cut grass.  I’m grateful for all my faculties to be able to notice the laughter of a child. I’m grateful too for this mission God gave me of being an artist and hopefully an encourager.  What a blessing!!   please e-mail me at and let me know of how precious is YOUR time for you.  This painting is called “An Uncommitted Day”
    An Uncommitted Day
    24×24 acrylic
  • A Fun Time
    Good Boy 24x36 enamel, acrylic, chain NFS
    Good Boy 24×36 enamel, acrylic, chain NFS
    April 10th I was the host of a fun Yelp Elite event. Made more so by the Scottsdale Gallery Association Bone Appetit Art Walk afterward. Lindsey D. was the ringmaster of this pampered pooch event with many attendees bringing their doggie friends. Sprinkles made cute doggie cupcakes for the 4 legged attendees and made more human cupcakes. Ben and Jacks steakhouse provided yummy food with servers in attendance. Plus artist Elena did sketches of the dogs. I was asked to give a talk which was filmed by Davin of Method Gallery. My subject was the importance to have the energy of an art piece made by hand in a person’s environment. Film coming later.
  • Knowing Who You Are
    It’s amazing to me how many artists come into my studio/gallery and when I ask if they are an artist many say well sort of. If you are a sort of anything does anything work for you? Many people are envious because I have owned my artist self and I can live my dream but you have to claim it. Being bold is the key. It takes guts and hard work and money. Many are not willing to take risks even to have a place for creating. So where are you? Are you looking to acknowledge and know who you are or just to be on the sidelines looking at someone else’s life?

    Garden of Growth 36x24 NFS
    Garden of Growth 36×24 NFS
  • What’s Fear Got to Do with It?

    Fear is like a mole going deep inside you without being aware of it.  So what does fear have to do with the present and future of my life?

    I can worry and and get stressed out and it then affects every part of my life including my health.   There have been lots of changes going on where my studio is located,  mostly good but some fear is there too.   Where there is fear there is doubt and it is catching.  You have to be on guard so it doesn’t affect you.  The way that I work on it is to trust God and know that God has a best plan in my life.   I got really tired when I had an event that I worked with others on and it left me open to doubt about everything.   It then affected my health.  Not a way to trust. 

    I chose to look to God and release fear worry and doubt.  It makes life so much easier!!

    Looking To Fly SOLD
    Looking To Fly SOLD
  • A Beginning of A New Chapter
    Here it is January 2, 2014 and a new chapter in this journey taken.   It’s exciting to look forward to all the possibilities that are in the future.  After midnight of the 1st, I sat and thought of what I would like to see happen this year God willing.   I’m not a goal oriented person but putting my thoughts on paper gives me a clarity to what I really would like to achieve.   It tells me what steps to take or if it really something that I would like to do.   Some things I really need help on like computer organization or writing a book.   The possibilities are enormous  and I’m grateful to what I have going on but also the mystery of the unknown.  How about you?  What is your new chapter?
    Opening up the World
    Opening up the World
  • Chaos into Peace
    I don’t know about you but as I get older change is a little harder.  To have peace I have to embrace the change.  So after stomach churning and grumpiness I am now at peace. The chaos is ego driven because I’m in my comfort zone and I think the change will be bad for ME.  If I look at it another way and not my way the change is good.  I can grow into being a better person and expand my thinking. Remember my blog 2 times ago about my bird?  Here is finally the finished painting.
    Sing a Song of Joy is 36 x 60 inches
    Sing a Song of Joy is 36 x 60 inches
  • Artists go Gently
    Unless it is about money,  artists go gently into the world seeking truth.   Believing in a higher calling, we use imagination and determination to work.  Striving for excellence to tell who we are as part of the human experience.  I now work in series to tell a story of growth.   One painting is part of a series called “Rooted in Love”.  You can see it on my website at  Sweet Carrots on series 3.
  • Evolution of a Painting


    1. ImageImage
  • Transformation
    An Idea flies like the butterfly
    An Idea flies like the butterfly
    With all that is going on in the world, it is easy to buy into the negativity.  We all have to set ourselves up for something better. Why not start each day with positive input? That is truly transforming into loving yourself and others. This painting is called “Released”.  It means released from negativity and into transformation.   It is featured in the Phoenix Home and Garden magazine August 2013.  
  • Pursuing Excellence
    Just watched a movie about Winslow Homer.   A famous artist from the 1850’s to 1909 who made wonderful paintings of life and daily living. He was  an advanced thinker of social change.   Homer loved depicting women and children and the landscape.   He went from tight wonderful paintings to full of life loose watercolors that were amazing.   I’m striving to find that elusive way for me to portray my expression.  It’s a struggle.   First of all,  I don’t do landscapes because of my inability to hold my arm up for any time.  I did abstract landscapes in my series “The Beginning of Light” the 1st week of Genesis.  It was very tiring for me physically.  There are 7 paintings 60×30.   I had that series in my mind for years but finally   painted them in a years time finishing up in 2013.   It’s on You Tube under Lori Landis art.  It takes years and years of constantly slowly moving forward in my depicting my heart through my art.  
    English: Fox Hunt (1893) by Winslow Homer, oil...
    English: Fox Hunt (1893) by Winslow Homer, oil on canvas, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  • America, Where Art Thou?

    I’m grateful to live in this country and I don’t like it when people tear it down and insist that we’ve got to change the Constitution to fit their their own self interests.  This country is changing so much and by trampling on the Constitution we won’t recognize it.  It is heading toward an un-United States.   Being hateful and calling each other names quashes civility and really solving the problems.  Take the time to work slowly and thoughtfully.   

  • Just Being
    It’s such a mystery to know who we really are.  It’s about just being.  I’ve had many years of covering up who I really am but through changes in my journeyand the Spirit inside me I’m more true and authentic.  I can relax through the expectations of myself and others and let go of all. What a transformation that is for me!!  I can rest my brain and my heart.  I don’t have to look outside for answers but just accept my being.  I’m very grateful. Look for my videos on  Lori Landis.
    Swingin' High 30x24 sold
    Swingin’ High 30×24 sold
  • The Lightbulb Is On
    There is a story about Monet who is sitting in his Garden.  His neighbor sees him and says, “I seeing you are resting ,  Claude”.  Monet replies, “No I’m working”.  Two weeks later his neighbor sees him at his easel and says, “Oh Claude,  I see you are working”.   Monet says,  “No I’m resting”.  When it looks like I’m taking time off from painting I’m really rejuvenating my creativity and the lightbulb is on.  People ask me all the time how long did it take to do a painting. My reply is the Monet story.
    An Idea flies like the butterfly
    An Idea flies like the butterfly
  • Building on Hope
    Hope is a powerful word.  It’s the basis of dreams and goals.  If you can’t hope for the future and then build on it, you’ll be stuck in the same place year after year.   As an artist it’s more that that. I get stuck in myriad of ways.  One is listening to the gurus of the art world that this way is better or that way is better instead of listening inwardly for the guidance of intuition or for me the Holy Spirit.  Feeling that others know what is the best for ME.   It’s a terrible trap.  The trap is applicable in every area in life, where I live, where I eat, what car I drive etc.   Listening inward and getting guidance gives me hope for each day and new adventure.  Hope springs eternal. I Can Speak For Myself 24x36 acrylic
  • Endurance to Win The Race
    To win a race you have to run many miles even when your legs feel like they’re going to fall off.  What you are doing is building endurance.   That is what I’m in the process of doing, I’m building endurance.   I can’t sit around and daydream and think I can win.  No, I need to take action.  I ask God for help then I start out with a steady pace.   On my journey there are obstacles to face but I keep plodding on.  I might stumble but I keep the pace.   In the meantime, there are pleasant encounters and lovely surprises along the way.  It’s the moving that brings those unexpected moments.   I rejoice that my breathing gets easier and my thought process gets easier and more joyful.  So to win the race build up your endurance muscles and have fun along the way.
    Pushing Ahead NFS
    Pushing Ahead NFS
  • Feeling Renewed
    After a rain is over do you feel renewed?  I know I do.  The air is clear and sparkling and smells wonderful.  I feel the the same way when I spend time in the studio and my paintings sing
    to me. I feel refreshed.  The same happens when I’m with people I care for and I can help them or they help me.   I like spending time with uplifting positive people and I hope I spread that upbeat feeling to  people that come to my studio/gallery.   Many times people come in feeling  frustrated with their lives  because they are not creating.   All they need to turn that around is an encouraging word to look on the brighter side and maybe go home refreshed and renewed too.  Help people that come into your life to feel renewed.  It helps both you and the other person.
  • Here”s to a Great Ride!!
    Looking forward to 2013.  What a journey it can be by keeping my attitude and faith in the fullness of love.   Look, everyone has troubles to deal with but  how we approach them is how we win the race.  Gratefulness is a major major component of my life.  How I think each day and verbalize will determine my peace and joy.  So 2013 will be amazing.  EImageenjoy your ride and grow!
  • Rethinking my life outside the box
    It’s amazing to me how I could not see that I’ve been in a box of my own making.  There are  so many ways to trap myself and then wonder how did I do that.  It brings frustration and personal illness.  I was trying so hard to be like other art studio/galleries on the street (Main St gallery row Scottsdale).  For instance,  I thought i needed be open certain hours even though it meant a hardship to getting other things done like getting my marketing and office work done at home on my computer.  It was like clipping my wings to fly.  I’m not into pressure but I was doing the very thing that was hurting me in my body and spirit.  Now that I don’t have to do my art business like someone else but just what instinctively is right for me. I’ll still go down to my studio to paint and be open so I can visit with people when they are by and hopefully encourage others on their journey. My daughter who is going through a divorce has been rethinking about her life.   Once she decided to do something about it, she has grown into her real authentic self.  She’s really blossoming and excited about her future.  She’s not boxed in and is in the process of flying.   Her blog  Please go to it, she’s an amazing writer.  
  • Feeling Renewed & Refreshed
    It’s been a long summer but Autumn is almost here in the desert.  I’m feeling renewed and refreshed. Cleared out my studio/gallery, cleaned the carpet moved my stuff around and ready to start the new season.   Had some long talks with God and myself to find my way to my love of abstract serene art again.  That’s why I took this summer to do a series on the first week of Genesis.  It’s was very different to do fishes and birds, tree and  Adam and Eve. Read a fictional book by Kelly Jones called “The Woman Who Heard Color”, a condition that Kandinsky had (a very early abstract artist).  It’s about the love of these modern artists paintings the woman saved from Adolph Hitler. It connected with me in so many ways.  That is why I’m following my path that I love. This season is going to be big and exciting and flourishing for us artists on Main St (gallery row) in Scottsdale AZ.  If you are in our area please stop by.  We’ll all be refreshed and renewed.  
  • Rearranging my Heart
    As I am rearranging my studio, it seems it’s a metaphor for life. When I look at my life in a new way like a kaleidoscope changing colors, it heightens my vision.  I choose to make my studio a sanctuary to grow in my journey loving the process.  Choosing to make it more open I’m also opening my heart. My art is changing too.  I don’t have to know where I’m going with my painting I just have accept  it today.
  • Being Aware
    When you drive , are you aware of your surroundings?  When you go around in your daily lives are you aware?  What I mean about being aware is about being in the present, not in the past, not in the future.  That can be a real challenge because how I view today influences tomorrow and way beyond.  It’s about my attitude and love.  It’s about loving the day to day life that I live.  Having peace and not letting little things destroy my joy.  Being aware of my emotions and what it costs me in the long run.  It’s choosing the best of attitudes to let my peace show inward and outward. I was letting my frustration of where I wanted to go with 6th day of Genesis series.  Letting some news get inside of me.  I stopped being aware and let the stress step into my peace.  I have to be aware at all times and let my life flow effortlessly.    I have tried to upload a pic and it doesn’t allow me to do it.
  • Where Do I go From Now To?
    ‘I live in the desert and I get cabin fever.  So I get stir crazy and start thinking too much.   That is when I get into trouble.  Does that happen to you?  I haven’t written for a while because   I  think, think, think  I need to be inspired.  The reality is if I just start to write or paint the words will flow or the colors start to magically appear.  Why do I waste the time thinking instead of doing?  I’m basing my thoughts on feelings and when I’m stir crazy my feelings are all wrong.  I question most everything.  Having faith helps me through this nagging and now I can start to settle down, relax and just go with the flow. I don’t have to know where do I go from now to?
  • on YouTube Lori Landis

    I’ve really been blessed.  I’ve had such wonderful events that I didn’t pay for that came to me unexpectedly. Yesterday featured my work and she asked me.  Phoenix Home and Garden published 2 of my paintings within this last year. Scottsdale’s cox communications government channel did a 30 minute segment on me and I was on the Hallmark channel in 2004.  I’m just amazed how when I’m depending on God even though I still put myself out there.  I’m meeting great people along the way. What a fantastic journey this is. Image

  • New Series in The Works
    I’ve just started a new series that I had planned years ago.  It’s the first week beginning in Genesis.  I had to order a special size of canvas 60×30 from Sunbelt Mfg in Texas.  They did a great job  of having 2 struts plus corners on the back.  Luckily it’s not heavy, otherwise I would have trouble lifting them.  You have to order 6.  I’m wanting this to be my gift to God so I’m very slowly developing each painting.  I also have a couple of friends come by individually so we can have a play day.  It’s amazing what comes out of our own work when we are working together. The synergy is terrific, once a month. Can’t believe it’s summer all ready but the other studios and I will be open during the summer too especially every Thursday Art Walk night.  If you are in town or coming to visit AZ, come to visit us.
    Zen World VII 39×39 acrylic on soft canvas $4300
  • Connecting with myself again (to go with the image)
    It seems that I’ve been unfocused the past months due to an illness but hopefully that is behind me now and I can move forward.  I’ve started a new series of the first week in Genesis.  I;m taking my time because I feel that I want to convey something deeper.  My hand shakes so I don’t do as much detail and it isn’t representational either.
    size 60×30
  • Connecting with Myself


  • Painting and a New Goal
  • This Is A Test

    I’m not a computer techie. So when I say this is a test, it is a test to see if I can stay calm and know that God will provide the answers when I’m dealing with computer stuff. I have an external drive but I quit using it because I thought it wasn’t working. I had an issue with the cord of my IPhone that was bad when I connected it to my computer.  Then I uploaded the new operating system of Lion for IMAC. As the guy at the apple store said never get new software  until the kinks get worked out. So I lost 8 months of data and for my website too.  I’ve been trying to upload files from my host server. Hopefully that will go better. Anyway, whatI’m trying to say, is if you keep the faith no matter what comes at you and keep calm, you are passing the test that you’ve learned some valuable lessons, not letting the externals get you down and you can have peace.Image

  • Just Taking One Step At A Time
    Power of Three
    The chaos that I use to endure in my head has stopped because I have just started taking one step at a time.  It’s easy to get all wound up with all the things needed to be done as an artist and human being.  Once I let go of the chatter and the “gotta do this and do that” self talk,  I have a lovely peace inside. That is all that is required for us is to do work excellently and gratefully.  Just taking one step forward and then taking another step.  Whew, what a relief!! I just uploaded new images of my show called “The Power Of Three: Synergy and The Trinity. Check my website out Page 1.
  • What’s Next in the Journey?
    Dreamcatcher 12 x 12 collage
    I know many are writing goals for 2012.  I too have some ideas because I want to know what’s next on my journey.  Belief and hope are part of the process.  One goal is about clarity. Sometimes I can go around in circles and confusion and never see the bigger picture.  I can be blinded by old patterns of thought.  That is why I request clarity. I cannot do my  what God has given me to do, my art , and still think the same old way.  My journey is different than your journey so I cannot try to do it your way or someone else’s way.  Each step is new and scary sometimes.  It’s like exploring new territories.  So today I prayed for clarity and get the knowing of what’s next in my journey.
  • Gratefulness
    Dancing with JoyWhen I look back on my early years as a child,  I am grateful that I don’t have to carry bitterness or unforgiveness.  I’m free of all that.  Whew!!!! Why carry all that muck around for years and years?  Even though my parents weren’t Christian, I had a picture of Christ on my wall knocking at a door. I must have become a Christian then because that picture gave me hope and peace and most of all comfort.  I also had the comfort of Psalm 23,  “Though I walk through the shadow of death I will fear no evil for You are with me” .  For a child that helped me through so much. I have learned forgiveness so I don’t have to carry any burdens especially to forgiving myself.  Life is such a joy for me right now even through some health issues for my husband and hurting for my son and grandchildren.  The thing is I can be filled with gratefulness and joy each day if I choose to be that way.  What a burden that has been lifted off my shoulders!!
  • Being Touchy or Touching Lives
    Greek 81 40x30 $2700
    A couple of weeks ago, I could have been touchy when some people came into my studio/gallery and made fun and mocked my abstract art. I became an abstract artist when physically  I couldn’t do work on an easel anymore.  Without perspective of upright canvas and landscape work I moved to painting flat on a high table. That is when I discovered my heartfelt work of doing abstract.  I feel so joyful when doing my art.  That is why it was such a shock when these people came in and were so insulting.  At first, I started to be defensive, a natural response.  But then I realized  when I looked at the painting of mine about God and the Trinity (at the right in Greek 81 is God) that I needed to turn the other cheek.  I needed to show them what my art was all about to me. Maybe they got it or not. They did quiet down some.  But I did expose them to something about peace and joy and love.  I don’t have to be touchy but I do have to touch lives.
  • Trust and Let Go
    Serious Thought SOLD
    I’m one of these people that has had a hard time trusting and then letting go. Because of my childhood and also contracting polio and losing the use of my left arm, I had put up a barrier and not even really trusting myself. Because of this journey and growth I’ve experienced I have been able to love and trust myself which led to the trust in God when my husband had cancer. He’s well now and during that time I trusted and let go of worry. Prayer had a lot to do with it. I’m trusting God now to lead me and me not trying to control everything like I use to do. What a relief!!! I don’t have to manipulate and figure everything out. So the economy is bad, so what. I don’t have to buy into all that jabber. I just have to listen, trust and let go. I don’t have be stressed anymore. Thank God!!
  • October 2011 Classes
    Here are my classes for Oct, Oct 15th Sat 9-11:30 “Finding Your Creative Self”. Utilizing circles to help you creatively meditate and to play like a child. Cost $50.00 Materials included. Minimum 3 Maximum 8 October 29th Sat 9-11:30 Using Color in All Areas of Life”. This class will help you integrate color for Art, clothes and Home. I was taught by the colorist for the first Cadillac TV Ads. Cost is $50.00 Materials included. Minimum 3 Maximum 8 Call 602-576-0406 for reservation or e-mail me at Classes held Landis Studio/Gallery 7077 Main St. #14 Scottsdale AZ
  • Peace of Mind is a Choice
    Looking To Fly SOLD
    Here I am going through my e-mails, new advisements on how to make my website or blog better and confusion gets in my head.  Instead I choose to be content and have peace of mind by walking away until I’m truly ready to deal with that information.  I can let all the jabber and chaos enter my mind and get really frustrated or recognize that I don’t need to do all that the “advisors” tell me to do.  I’m realizing that much of that stuff isn’t necessary to my well-being or business. Peace of mind is a choice that I need to make every day so I can live a life of joy and contentment.  Isn’t it amazing that we have that choice?
  • Gearing Up for Fall & Showing in Magazine
    Tasty Mellow Notes
    The  month of August was a time to concentrate on painting and my husband’s health.  Now I’m gearing up for fall.  What is it that after a long hot summer you’re ready to  start moving and as the saying goes, grooving.  I guess, it’s when we were kids we were ready for school in September, the same goes for us as adults.   This summer I’ve painted over old paintings that I didn’t like anymore. There are many I would never paint over because I love them so much but others that don’t speak in my language  yes language anymore.   My art is my  favored communication besides my blog. Phoenix Home and Garden featured one of my paintings in the September issue p. 130.  I just hung my new show for September.   Pictures will be on my art statement page after I get them on there of my website  Then I’m going to make my e-mail newsletter.  Lots to do and I’m excited. Oh, I’ll be teaching classes on color and how it affects your life.   So if you want to sign up for my newsletter or my classes, e-mail me at What are you gearing for this fall?  It’s really a great and exciting time of the year.
  • Keeping The Faith
    Pushing Ahead NFS
    No matter what circumstances that you come up against, you’ve got to keep the faith. Just having the right attitude and faith can help give you peace.  I know.  I used to be a person that would get frustrated at even the littlest things.  That’s because I learned in my childhood that chaos was normal and I didn’t have any control over my body or mind.  I changed the habit of bad thinking to  peaceful thinking.  That led to faithful thinking.  So when storms come and they do I control my self talk.  That doesn’t mean stuffing bad stuff inside either.  It means  that handling the present is all I can do.  Faith to me means more than religion. It means depending on my God instead of myself.
  • Be Still and Know (this is for all)
    Mandala- Open to New Possibilities NFS
    It seems that most of us are rushing around doing lots of mundane things and thinking we are accomplishing so much.  I’ve done busy work. Now I’m connecting with being still and have a quiet knowing.  Listening to my heart instead of to my head provides a wider view and then the confidence of doing just what is needed that day.  Remembering to live in the present. That is all the time we’re given and I don’t want to spend it in regrets.   It is the confidence of doing your very best today and feeling joy in the process.  So cutting down on facebook , twiiter and all that stuff frees my mind to be clearer about my life  not someone else’s life.  The only relationships that are valuable are the ones that are developed over time     So be still and know that your heart is in the right place and have  peace of mind and joy today. The mandala is for meditation and ways to get ready for my day.  In my gallery this month is my show called “Sacred Mandalas” .  I’m also teaching veterans this month “Color My World” in connection with “American Healing Arts Foundation”.  This service is free to veterans.
  • To Everything There Is A Season Of Waiting
    MoJo 39x15 acrylic & gel on door $1400
    As an artist on this earthly journey, I’ve learned patience. Now no one wants to deal with waiting but it’s a time of growth.  We don’t become mature without some hard or lean times to refine us in the fire.  So I’ve  worked on balance and not being so intense.  I used to have a mantra,  “why isn’t anything working the way I want it to be?”  Well, I just wasn’t ready for it.  For me, it was just to enjoy the process.  Things have a way to turning around when you least expect it.  Listening with my heart and not my head has released joy.   So why don’t you ramp it down a little bit and get more balance in your life.  Then the “season” of waiting will bring something magical in your life. Please let me know if this has worked for you.
  • Resistance Tells A Story
    Breaking Free 30x24 acrylic (a hidden swing) $1500
    A pocket of resistance comes to the fore and hits me on the head.  Not knowing where it comes from I have to be aware that I’m fighting something that is deeper than what I think it is on the surface.  Here I am in my 60’s and still finding out more and more about myself.  Where is the story behind it?  My friend Jackie said, “Ask God, ‘Show me what I need to see'”. The thing is I’ve carried this particular baggage in my heart and mind for years and years but now I’m ready for the answer.   Prayer and meditation and then sleep. I dreamt most  of the answer.  I thought I had forgiven but apparently there was still some unforgiveness lurking.  Who knows what we hide deep in our hearts.  But I know I can move forward. Let’s see where this takes me on my journey as a person and as an artist..  What story can I tell now without the resistance?
  • The lowdown on my absence
    Garden Of Growth NFS
    I’ve been very busy with redoing my website.  I had a great webmaster ( Pete Fellner for 9 years.  He’s gotten busy going back to school.  So I decided to do my own website. If I hadn’t been forced to go to an IMAC , I wouldn’t have done it.  The people at Apple were so helpful.  I was able to make my new website look similarly to my old website.  I made the pictures of my paintings bigger, I included  many  new pages, Pictures of my new studio on Main St in Scottsdale a slideshow, and a video of me on the Hallmark channel. Now I still have problems with that but hopefully fix it this weekend when I spend 3 hours at the Apple store .  It’s taken much time but It’s like taking a college tech class.  It’s been very interesting. I love learning new things.  Mostly I love learning about expanding myself.  So check out my IMPROVED website and give me your thoughts.  I’d love to them.
  • Life is More Than Half Full
    Swinging High NFS
    Attitude is everything. If we approach life with arms open wide we get a more fuller life.  I know that personally in my own life.  Having been in a dysfunctional family and having polio and losing the use of my left arm plus other things could  have made me a bitter woman.  But I’ve been blessed a thousand times over with my family and having the chance to express myself through my paintings, my blog and teaching. That’s called passing it on.  Everyday when I hear a bird singing, looking at the stars, smelling freshly mowed grass, I’m grateful.  I’m aware of disasters but I’m not going to let the negativity pull me down.  It doesn’t help anyone to be a sourpuss especially yourself.   So if you let the sunshine in your heart, Life is more than half full.
  • Where My Heart Is
    Golden Icon 36x24 acrylic & gold leaf $1800
    It’s amazing how we get off track so easily. I realized this week where my heart is.  I used to spent many, many hours a week painting but I had gotten out of that habit and into the habit of business, like social media and networking and cutting back on painting.   I wasn’t having any fun on the business side and on the painting side.  What happened to me? Has that happened to you where your priorities have shifted and not for the best?   I love to create with paint but little by little I was trying to create a business model that didn’t sync with who I am which is first and foremost a painter.  Then things get lopsided and then more unhappiness with myself and who I am.  I have cut back considerably with social media for one thing and spending more time in the studio.  I don’t have a computer or anything there electronic to distract me. What a relief!!!.  So I’m back to where my heart is and loving the time and space.
  • Spending Time With Yourself
    Dancing with Joy 36x12 acrylic on door
    Getting caught up with all the wonderful things on the web? It’s tempting but I’m finding I need to spend time with myself.  All the noise is coming from the outside and I need quiet to really look at my goals and be specific.  In the art world with all the changes that came with the recession, I’m finding out that most all the rules are changed.  So how to be specific and move forward in these changing times?  The question is, What do I want out of my career?  Sales yes, but how do I go about it?  My first step is have a studio where I can open it up to the public but also have my studio time. Check!  Now what is next? Do I get on multiple websites, which I have. Teaching yes. Direct mail, yes. But where I have fallen down is follow through. Anyone that sells anything falls down on that score.   So thinking outside the box, how can I get further in my career?  What do I want?  Specifically. That is why I need to spend time with myself.
  • I’m Back!!!!!!!
    Good Boy
    My blog has been down for a long time.  My computer crashed before Thanksgiving and since I decided that I’m not going to deal with a PC anymore I had to wait until money  came in and I was back from Minneapolis.  I am a proud owner of an I-Mac now.  Getting used to it and being not be intimidated by it.  I signed up for classes too. Not having a computer to download pictures of my paintings I decided not to do a blog or my newsletter.  So if you would like to receive an e-mail newsletter please let me know. My address book could not be downloaded from my external drive so thankfully I had my newsletter e-mails listed on my Benchmark newsletter website. Whew. I’m very grateful to you for reading my blog and commenting on it.  I wish you all a very prosperous and blessed New Year!!!!
  • Building Up Your Endurance
    Growing Up 113x11 acrylic collage on paper $350
    Hi Fellow travelers,  On this exciting journey that we are on, we can learn about ourselves and others.  Rather than moan about how bad everything is, I’ve become a new creature in Christ.  That means looking at situations in a new way and thanking God for the teaching to help me grow.  So I now look at everything in a positive loving way. It’s taking a long time to understand that.  That’s where endurance comes in.  By building on good thinking and taking action to support that thought you are expanding your endurance.  By looking at the moment and not thinking how tough things are but being thankful, I can get through everything including tired feet (ha). I challenge you to look at your circumstances in a new light and be grateful for endurance and lessons learned.
  • You know it’s right
    Mandala NFS
    Mandala nfs
    How many of us struggle and struggle and then everything comes together very easily and you know it’s right.  That’s how it felt when I moved into my studio,  all within a short time frame, someone recommended movers, I found a new art rep (Herman Otto) and was in and open for art walk night.  That sounds magical and it was a gift from God.  I’ve been busy getting ready for two events at the studio.  Sending a release to the media for an open house, figuring out my budget.  You get the idea.  I paint and love to visit  during Art Walk night. I believe I am very blessed to have found this studio.  Since I’ve let go and let God handle my career the burden is off my shoulders.  That’s why I know it’s right.
  • Taking A Step of Faith in Business
    Opening The Window 40x40 acrylic and pumice $3200Stretching myself by taking a step  of faith in business by getting a 600 square foot studio on Gallery Row in Scottsdale.   After my surgery I had a lot of time to rest my brain.  I wasn’t trying to do or think anything but to heal.  It was a wonderful relaxing time to regroup and not pressure myself.  I could let go and let God take over.  Then wonderful things started to unfold before my eyes.  My husband and I looked at that space last year but “thought” it was too much but now that I think in prosperity I could “think” it isn’t “too” much.  Isn’t amazing on how somehow my thinking changed!! Once that changed other opportunities arose.  I’m so very grateful to God for all  the opportunities and people that I’m coming in contact.  Redirecting your thoughts by changing from bad thinking to stepping out in faith is so very important in your life and business. Go get ’em!!!!!!
  • Revamping my Thinking
    Southwestern Joy 36x36 acrylic $2900You know I can get stuck  in an old way but I see unless I revamp my thinking,  I won’t be going anywhere meaningful.   Taking time to do the quiet time needed is more difficult than I thought.  I started  to go one way like this morning but I ended up cleaning out my art drawers which needed attention then I went to 2 exercise classes this morning lunch then went to the store.  How did that happen and here it is 2:00 already?   I tried to do that yesterday too.  I got myself sidetracked by investigating a studio opportunity, lunch with an art friend, which I always love, then husband asked to go to the cigar place to hang out so I thought I’d go someplace quiet and I ended up having a glass of wine and just enjoying that.  I guess it depends on how I want my journey to be.  I can either get intense and worry or know that I’m living the best life I know how at this moment.  Okay okay, you think I’m a procastinator but the will is to be aware and ramping up my thinking is part of that.
  • My Fire is Ramping up
    Joyfilled Thoughts III 12x12 acrylic $500
    Since I’ve been recovering, my fire has been low. But feeling a whole lot better and because the end of summer is near, my fire has been ramping up.  I had wondered where it had gone.  I had been painting some and refining an old series that I had not really shown anywhere and still working on.  I’ll be posting those when I finish up the series.  It’s amazing to me how our mind works.  I needed the down time mentally, spiritually emotionally and physically to get renewed.  We all do.  What do you do to renew and to refresh? I now am looking for a new studio that is much bigger because I have a painting that is five feet by seven feet that i can’t work on at home.  I’m excited all over again. looking forward to new ideas, new goals and my fire is ramping up.
  • Real Life without “Confusion”
    Unblocked Heart 20x20 acrylic Textured $950
    It’s so easy to let yourself be “confused”.  We’re living our  life but only listening to outside advice instead of our own inner “voice”.   That’s where the confusion sets in.  We let negative self talk  into our heads that we’re not “following” this or that and that’s why we’re not successful.  Exactly what is success but following your own bliss.   The only way to combat that is to be grateful for everything including mistakes.  Because sometimes, more often than not, mistakes lead to revealing a  truth.  So live a “real” life.  Be confident, bold and have the best thoughts you can have. I know it has changed my life into more of peace and love. That is what Jesus taught.
  • Lazy Days of Summer
    Buttons All Around NFs
    I’ve really taken that to heart, the lazy days of summer.  Yes, I’m working on getting my series prepared by adding new sides and painting the edges.  As far as social media, not so much.   I’ve done my blog every  2 or 3 weeks instead of every week. My visitors to my website and to this blog have gone down but I’m not concerned.  I went to a great networking party of creatives not just painters but all kinds and I had a great time.  I certainly want to continue to meet new people and get to know them and send them an e-mail saying how nice it was to meet them.   Just little touches but you never know what can happen with small but gracious gestures.   In the past , I was so anxious to push that my intensity burned me out.  So I’m recovering from surgery and just enjoying the lazy days of summer.  Are you?                                                         By the way My Dad was in the Pearl button business that is why this Mandala picture .
  • Captive by the Internet?
    Lines of Thought 40x30 acrylic, gold leaf $2700
    While recovering from surgery, I’ve had time to view things from a different point of view.  I realize I’ve been captive by the internet.  I’d been spending 2-3 hours intermittingly checking e-mails , looking at discussions on Linked In, facebook and others that I think I’m accomplishing marketing.  Not.               I’ve been sidetracked instead by thinking and getting my health back on track.  Other things like the internet are not so important.  What really is important are connections that I’ve made through face to face or on the phone.  My acquaintances and friends have connected with me through e-mails and calls.  Not strangers through the internet. My marketing needs to change too because I need real connections with people.  I was talking with a friend the other day who said that texting has gotten out of hand too.  I refuse to do texting and she is stopping too.  When does this tech stuff stop us from connecting with an actual phone conversation?  Are you captive to the internet or texting on the phone?
  • What do numbers mean to you?
    Belief 20x20 acrylic heavy gel
    There are special numbers that have so much meaning. What do numbers mean to you?  I’m exploring that in my new series,  “The Power Of “THE” 3″.  I entered one of them into the Cave Creek Film and Arts Festival  (Arizona).  It will be up until July 18th.   It’s called Belief. I have been drawing closer to God and to me the symbol of 3 means Father, Son, Holy Spirit.  It can also mean body,mind and spirit.  It has many meanings.  What does the 3 symbolize to you? I’m taking time off for the rest of the month to take care of some things but I’ll be up and running again and making more number symbol paintings.  Let me know, what do numbers mean to you?
  • What do You Value?
    Reaching For More 30x40 acrylic
    Heavy Question, What Do you Value?  I’m talking now about your career. Hopefully you know what is really important in life.   What I’m asking is this, is it money, fame,  status, validation, time  or what else?  As an artist I have goals of all that plus I value the connections and friendships.  I also value my growth as a human being.  As far as my art, I experiment a lot because if I still do paintings the same way that I did them ten years ago (even though they are sometimes better than what I’m doing today) I’m better off as an artist who’s growth is very important to me.  Okay maybe my growth is mutually exclusive of my goals so now If I want to get into galleries what is better,   my goals or my growth?   (Yes, I’ve been in galleries.)     Tough isn’t it?  Let me know  your feelings.
  • I forgive myself making mistakes
    Yin & Yang a balanced life #6 36x24 collage $2200
    Yes, I did it! I made a  mistake sending out my newsletter.  I did send a test newsletter.  I then sent my e-mail  newsletter to 170 people who gave me permission.   What I sent had gobbly goop on part of it.  The e-mail service as I found out later said I had Skype in my browser that caused the problem.  You know what I did? I didn’t bemoan the fact, I just said, “Oh well”.   I used to get so upset  when things like that happen.  We hold ourselves up that we have to be superman or woman and that isn’t going to happen.  We are human and we have to really love ourselves especially when making mistakes.  Don’t let mistakes take away your joy in the process, laugh it off and start again.  I forgive myself making mistakes.  You can too.
  • Time and Time is When?
    Thoughts Going Round 5x7 acrylic $225
    It’s amazing to me that as I get older time seems to fly by.  I start a big project, right now it’s a newsletter, then I get side tracked.  I have dr’s appointments, friends that call that require me to see them before they start their big project, this blog (needs to be done once a week) and so on.  Life does that and I’m determined to become much more aware of what I need to become an even better person.  I need to discern that life is precious so I will drop my project at the time because that friend is precious and we don’t see each other maybe once a month or two.   Nothing is so important that I can’t take the time to be a friend.  Now if people abuse that then I cut the time. I guess my point is that God time, husband time, family time, friend time, plus me time, especially painting time  are times I serve.  The business end of my art career gets out of balance and that is not how I want to live my life.  It gets so out of wack because I choose to be a business person too and do all the “social media”.  It’s nice to make connections over the internet but not to the point of wasting my time and time is when?
  • Who am I Really?
    Crossing Lines III 20x20 acrylic heavy gel $1000
    My husband and I were talking about if we really know who we ourselves are.  When we attend the mastermind group everyone announces that they are father, mother, spouse, grandparents but never who they really are.  Do we know our characteristics?  I know I am strong, determined, persistent, creative, loyal.  I have not so good flaws too but I don’t want to dwell on them, ha-ha.  If we know who we are we can develop our strengths even more.  I certainly don’t want to dwell on weaknesses.  You know the saying “to thine own self be true”.  If you don’t know who you are how can you “be all you can be”.  So welcome “who you and I  are really”.  The painting to the right is the latest which is about the never ending circles with Crossing Lines III.
  • E-mail Overload
    Dreamin' Big 24x36 acrylic heavy gel $1600
    Do you get a 100 e-mails a day or more? Do they pertain to you or your situation? I’m on overload because I joined loads of linked-in groups and facebook groups because I’m trying to be social media smart.  It is draining to say the least. Today I’ve been trying to get my e-mail lists uploaded to a service e-mail company and I’ve tried Icontact, benchmark, constantcontact, mailchimp from my outlook express under my e-mail newsletter lists.   It’s so complicated I even had 2 different people at one service provider who passed me on to a third who couldn’t come up with the answer.  I wasn’t being rude I just asked how to do it and I followed directions but it didn’t work.  All this time wasted!  I think I can figure things out and I can verbalize my problem but they must be on a different page than I.  I’ve done my own newsletter for years but now that I want to know who opens my e-mails and I can’t seem to get it done. Here I am trying to my best to be out there in the trenches, being more pro active getting some good information,  some “wasting my time”  information.  I need to be very selective of the groups I’m in and  looking to spend more time out there meeting people and developing relationships face to face rather than spending so much time on e-mail overload.
  • Do You Have Days?
    Puzzling 24x36 acrylic NFS
    You know what I mean.  Days that start out so good but end up with wasted hours. Running around and nothing accomplished.  Well, it is NOT going to defeat my game plan.  I’m talking to myself here.  Here’s another thing that can set me off.  Do I do what is important or egads, the world is going to end if I don’t get it done, situation.  Okay I know what you’re thinking, boy, is she disorganized.  Au contraire friends, I’m a Virgo and a little bit of a perfectionist so these things that bump me off my train (of Thought) can really delay my following that straight path to my goals for the week.  Okay, yesterday I was ready to sign up for a newletter company to help me get my newsletters out. I tried and tried to make it work.  I’m nothing if not a tryer.  So then I started to go with a 60 day trial free one but something else came up.  My focused got lost and then it’s another one of those days. Scream!
  • It Takes So Long
    Talking Among Ourselves 39x15 acrylic on door NFS
    I’m trying to get a painting done to e-mail for a show today.  I’m just tweaking but now I have to wait for the sun to shine in to get a really good photo done then e-mail all the paperwork and jpeg of the painting. .  So while I’m waiting, I worked on another painting, talked to a person in San Francisco about a possibility of some art there,  and doing this blog  I have a new phone that I need to get updated.  I know now why I don’t enter many juried shows.  I make mistakes and that doubles the work time.  Someone who isn’t an artist said to me,  “Oh you get to paint all day and just have fun.  If I was a hobbyist that would be true.  I’m a researcher, a perpetual learner of my art,  a business woman keeping up with social media,  a supporter of friends plus as many many of you are family oriented too.  I pray because I have a belief in God.  I’m so very grateful for all of it!!!!!
  • It’s easy to get confused
    Yin & Yang 2- Balancing Life 36x24
    Multi-tasking is confusing to say the least with social media, paperwork and making art.  It’s so easy to paint then while the paint is drying, go to the computer to look at all the e-mails then go back to painting.  I work on 2 – 3 paintings in the same series at a time. What I’m doing is doing a disservice to all my creativity.  I had a rule of no computer work on the days I’m painting until I finish up for the day in my studio.  Then I started to slide back into the bad habit of combining both.  Oops!  So I’m correcting my course to focus on one thing at a time.  One artist  reads mysteries while waiting for paint to dry.  Of course I paint in acrylic and that takes no time to dry in the desert (AZ).  My choice is to sit for a few minutes or do a small mandala.  I stand to paint. Yes, it is easy to get confused with all the talk of social media when you’d rather be creating art all the time.   We need to do both but not at the same time.
  • Don’t be “poor me” Wimpy!
    Joyfilled Thoughts I 12x12 acrylic $500
    It’s so easy to look at your artwork piling up and get discouraged.  I know when I’m not feeling good or I’m tired I get the “poor me” wimpy attitude. I don’t get that way much anymore just when I’m vulnerable.  I bet the same goes for you.  I’m blessed beyond belief but if I focus on the thing that isn’t going so good, it becomes much bigger than it needs to be.  Then everything is covered with a gray look. But I can’t be defeated because I have a mission given to me later in life and that is creating art to bring up the energy in the world.  I need to put on the armor of God and be strong and determined.  Okay now that I’ve had this little talk with myself I can breathe in the energy to keep on keeping on.  No more “poor me” wimpy!  Are you up for the challenge?
  • Discipline is not a dirty word
    Mandala- We are Living! NFS
    Listing all the things I want to accomplish this week I get tired.  That is where discipline comes into play. Having excitement in what you do can make doing these projects easy.  If you’re not having fun it can be just another long day.   So I’ve entered a juried show which took me three hours to do because I kept making mistakes but I kept at it until it was done.  I’ve entered another show and did all the paperwork for that.   I’ve signed up for that is like constant contact but doesn’t cost anything up to 500 names. ( i have done my own newsletter for years but I’d rather have it done) ( it also lets me know who has opened the e-mails.)  I have a list of people who have signed up for my newsletter and need to put in computer.  ( I have 180 names for e-mails and 84 snail mails.)( Ionly send a newsletter every 1-2 months)But the most exciting thing I’m doing is a 5ft by 7ft painting that I’m taking pictures each step of the way.  So if I’m working toward my goals discipline is not a dirty word,  it is a freeing word.
  • Doing Stuff you don’t like to do
    Mandala - Making Sense NFS
    You know when you sit down to do marketing and social media and all the stuff you don’t like to do, it feels so overwhelming.  I’ve decided that I’m turning over a new leaf and change my thinking.  I believe that I can enjoy the process knowing it brings me one step closer to my goals.  I can change my attitude even though nothing else has changed.  What happened?   I was listening to Joyce Meyer the other day and she said you can rest in your soul while doing what you need to do just resting in God. Of course there was more but the Word said have a light heart. So I’m doing another mailing and just enjoying life. Maybe it’s Springtime. The word is JOYfilled.
  • Renewal and “Spring Cleaning”
    Night Session - Mandala NFS
    The words “spring cleaning” brings to mind a clearing out with the old dust and dirt and freshening up our spaces with the windows open.  That is what I have been doing with my thoughts, a renewal of my mind.  It’s so much better than resolutions at the beginning of the year.  I dedicated a period of time to rethink and rejuvenate my thinking.  I set it to finish at midnight 3/31 before April Fool’s Day starts.  I started with a list of things I choose to have in my life, then goals, then a time frame for the goals, then a step by step plan how to get there. Some things I couldn’t figure the step by step plan so I’m letting them go for now.  It has so far done me a world of good.  Just by making a couple of decisions has renewed me and my thoughts already, the heaviness is no longer there. Hurrah!
  • Time’s A Wastin’
    Ze Cat NFS
    Is it just me or are the days flying by and not getting much done.  I’ve been in a strange place. I feel like I’m on the cusp of something bigger than myself  and my still small voice is urging me to do some real thinking and getting a strong backbone for the movement ahead.  I’ve been getting a lot of information, not directly to me but for me, if you get my drift.  Things need to be changed in my mind and heart that propel me further along.  One change is the direction of my painting.  Questions I ask myself,  am I all over the board with my abstract art?  Do I need a theme?  I’ve been doing a lot of mandalas and thinking of making a book of them.  Do I do more and more writing?  I’m sure part of it is the change into Spring and clearing up and cleaning up my thoughts.  So the answer is no, time is NOT a wastin’ not when I’m working toward clarity.
  • What’s Next?
    Bumbling Around NFS for Granddaughter Ally
    After getting ready for my solo show and then teaching for a week, I’m drained.  In the back of my mind, I’ve been wondering, “what’s next?”.  I’ve been doing some mandalas and deep breathing for meditation and just to quiet the “monkey chatter”.  I’ve been avoiding eating really good food and just eating for quick energy.  Because of my show, an old friend showed up after not seeing her for years.  It’s good to keep sending e-mails and snail mailings.  She was one of my first collectors.  So you never know if it will take years before someone reconnects with you. I really appreciate all the people that came to the show.  Okay, back to the question, “What’s next?”.  I don’t have an answer yet but it is in the back of my mind.