What’s Fear Got to Do with It?

Fear is like a mole going deep inside you without being aware of it.  So what does fear have to do with the present and future of my life?

I can worry and and get stressed out and it then affects every part of my life including my health.   There have been lots of changes going on where my studio is located,  mostly good but some fear is there too.   Where there is fear there is doubt and it is catching.  You have to be on guard so it doesn’t affect you.  The way that I work on it is to trust God and know that God has a best plan in my life.   I got really tired when I had an event that I worked with others on and it left me open to doubt about everything.   It then affected my health.  Not a way to trust. 

I chose to look to God and release fear worry and doubt.  It makes life so much easier!!

Looking To Fly SOLD
Looking To Fly SOLD

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