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Having discovered art in a college elective at the age of 53, I began my artistic journey.

I studied at the Des Moines Art Center (museum) with the artists in residence. From there, we moved to Scottsdale, Arizona, where I secured a spot in a gallery on Main St. I entered a contest and had the opportunity to showcase my work alongside five other artists in New York City for a mere cost of $35.00. Today, two of my large paintings are part of the General Dynamics Collection in the Carolinas.

I’ve been represented on both coasts – in Oregon and Florida – and places in between, like Telluride and Scottsdale. I even opened my own studio gallery on Main later in my career. Over the years, I’ve completed commissions for entities like the Cigar King and others. My art has been featured in “Phoenix Home and Garden”, and I’ve had an article in the “Phoenix Business Journal” as well as two in the “Scottsdale Republic”. In 2004, I made an appearance on the Hallmark channel. I invite you to enjoy viewing my art, each piece filled with joy and color. Check my page on YouTube TV under Lori Landis art, it has the Hallmark video that Hallmark released to me.

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