Realizing My Truth

I closed my gallery/studio in Scottsdale late 2014. After that I was in a funk for years, even not doing painting. It has been a slow journey back to realizing that God gave me this gift to create and to relearn who I was when I started with art. The passion and joy of making art and sharing it with others and hopefully move emotion was MY plan. I have had wonderful experiences in the past (check my about page). But the journey wasn’t about that, it was my walk and acknowledgement of who really is in charge of HIS plan. So the beat goes on and realizing my art is not really who I am anymore so I am changing back not totally but a combination of then and now. All I ask is you tell me your story. Thanks.

Acrylic and silk 20 x 20

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  1. dolly85024 Avatar

    My Dear lori, I’m so happy to hear from you, always one of my favorite people! I’m not sure how I can help with your new project as I , too, am rethinking a few things. Let me know how I can help and together maybe we can begin anew! Much love, Dolly

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