What do You Value?

Reaching For More 30×40 acrylic

Heavy Question, What Do you Value?  I’m talking now about your career. Hopefully you know what is really important in life.   What I’m asking is this, is it money, fame,  status, validation, time  or what else?  As an artist I have goals of all that plus I value the connections and friendships.  I also value my growth as a human being.  As far as my art, I experiment a lot because if I still do paintings the same way that I did them ten years ago (even though they are sometimes better than what I’m doing today) I’m better off as an artist who’s growth is very important to me.  Okay maybe my growth is mutually exclusive of my goals so now If I want to get into galleries what is better,   my goals or my growth?   (Yes, I’ve been in galleries.)     Tough isn’t it?  Let me know  your feelings.

2 responses to “What do You Value?”

  1. Kathleen Krucoff Avatar

    Tough YES….great, thought provoking definitely YES! I like this. I’ve been contemplating this too.

    As I read your post, it confirmed a number of things for me. The first thought I had was, my health is important to me, because when I am healthy, I am productive, creative, and have the energy to do the things I love.

    Next is the quality of the craftsmanship in my work, both glass & metal.

    And you really struck a chord with me as I think growth as an artist and a person is vitally important. I look for my work to improve all the time.

    Sure, money would be great and is important to help continue to support what I do. Fame, not so much.

    What has happened for me over the past 2 years, since I have been blogging, is all of the wonderful connections and friendships I have made. Truly invaluable. You are one of those connections and I enjoy your insights (and your work of course) a great deal.

    Thanks for getting my wheels turning some more!

  2. lorilandisart Avatar

    Kathleen, I love love love your reply. I too value our blogging relationship. I know you more than some acquaintances that I’ve met face to face. Your glass work I love and when I get some extra money I would love to own pieces especially your season pieces.

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