2021An absence for years:starting again

What a difference these years made to rejuvenate and really finding myself as an artist again! I closed my physical gallery and found myself foundering and realizing the mistakes I had made I also found my journey t become closer to The Lord and Jesus. I had made my art an idol.

This realization took years and much study of the Holy Spirit and the guidance the Bible gave to become more mature in my walk. Also too I realized I was burnt out and didn’t have any joy in my paintings. It was hard work. Yes, creating art is hard work but it should bring peace and and enjoyment of the journey. I stopped having a website having turned all art into trusting God for his plan for me. That doesn’t stop me for taking the next step.

Freedom in a few lines

As a creative, I tend to forget I don’t need a lot of lines to translate my art to what I want to express. I get to a point where I put too much information in the painting. What am I really trying to say? I bring confusion instead of clarity. Instead of freedom, I…

Becoming better for each stage of life!

Using Scripture for daily living, has calmed me with peace and hopefully love. I’m not putting pressure on to do but to be. Accepting the guidance from the Lord has broken the need to have a career anymore but to let go and let God lead me into the next step of my journey as…

Dithering Is That A Word???

It seems that as I paint over older paintings I’m coming up with ideas that are all over the place. I choose different colors that the art piece had before leaving just part of the art in an area. Planning is not my juice. I attack then squeeze paint here there and every where. I…

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