Resistance Tells A Story

Breaking Free 30×24 acrylic (a hidden swing) $1500

A pocket of resistance comes to the fore and hits me on the head.  Not knowing where it comes from I have to be aware that I’m fighting something that is deeper than what I think it is on the surface.  Here I am in my 60’s and still finding out more and more about myself.  Where is the story behind it?  My friend Jackie said, “Ask God, ‘Show me what I need to see’”.

The thing is I’ve carried this particular baggage in my heart and mind for years and years but now I’m ready for the answer.   Prayer and meditation and then sleep. I dreamt most  of the answer.  I thought I had forgiven but apparently there was still some unforgiveness lurking.  Who knows what we hide deep in our hearts.  But I know I can move forward. Let’s see where this takes me on my journey as a person and as an artist..  What story can I tell now without the resistance?

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  1. Kathleen Krucoff Avatar

    Hi Lori,

    This post of yours comes at a time where I too am seeking answers and wondering why I feel like I have hit a glass ceiling with my work. I know I will break through. I feel a resistance in my being; yet I also know that I can tap into the creative channel and my prayers will be answered.

    Thank you for sharing this and I look forward to seeing what story you will tell with the resistance gone.

    Happy creating!

  2. lorilandisart Avatar

    Thanks Kathleen, You are now ready for the answer it sounds like. I would love to hear your story too!

  3. renee Avatar

    Lori, thank you for sharing this experience. I too, understand very well about facing resistance. For me now, it is about leaving one “public persona” to go in another direction, where my heart is leading me. As success and opportunities come to me in this new arena I feel uncomfortable, like shedding my old comfortable skin. So, I try to remind myself life is about courage, growth, and exploring new paths to attain our ultimate potential. For me the transitional process is teaching me to have the courage to move beyond the resistance. I hope I’m making sense.

  4. lorilandisart Avatar

    Yes, Renee, it makes sense. It sounds intriguing. Following your heart is much more important to the Universe because that is Your “lighter” self. What I mean is you are bringing more light into the world by following the “heart”. Can’t wait to hear all about it.!!!!

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