Moving forward getting ready to rock!

Is it too soon or is soon enough? The art world is confused and more so with the pandemic. I’ve taken from 2015 to now to get my mojo going. In the meantime, I’ve recovered from being burnt out and not listening on so many levels to growing into peace. A tough realization of who I am to the knowing of real love of the Lord. Trusting that He had called me to be an artist later in life. So to choose not to do much social media and be open to His direction is out of step with the whole trending thing of this world. I am teaching art this week privately. I wasn’t looking for it but there it was. So who knows what will come next. I am so grateful!

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  1. Debra Roumas Avatar
    Debra Roumas

    Being open to his direction is so freeing! Sometimes it is pruning, which can make you feel like a loss, but it is all in his plan.

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