Trust and Let Go

Serious Thought SOLD

I’m one of these people that has had a hard time trusting and then letting go. Because of my childhood and also contracting polio and losing the use of my left arm, I had put up a barrier and not even really trusting myself. Because of this journey and growth I’ve experienced I have been able to love and trust myself which led to the trust in God when my husband had cancer. He’s well now and during that time I trusted and let go of worry. Prayer had a lot to do with it. I’m trusting God now to lead me and me not trying to control everything like I use to do. What a relief!!! I don’t have to manipulate and figure everything out. So the economy is bad, so what. I don’t have to buy into all that jabber. I just have to listen, trust and let go. I don’t have be stressed anymore. Thank God!!

Author: lori landis art

Working in acrylic mostly on canvas with texture, writing, speaking and teaching adults to finding their creative selves. Spiritual endeavoring to explore the journey of painting and creativity using faith and hope. Now blossoming in new ideas and and new awareness.

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