Developing Relationships

It seems that as we get more into the technologic age we don’t really develop relationships with humans but only with the computer and internet. It’s sad.
Have you noticed that your power on facebook is dwindling. You are not reaching all that are on your list. It’s like pushing a noodle up a hill.
Stagnation is rearing it’s nasty head. Where are we really learning or growing in friendship? Are we developing more and more face to face relationships?
Are we fooling ourselves? Wake up and realize that we are losing touch and ask yourself is this what I want?


3 responses to “Developing Relationships”

  1. adrienneq Avatar

    I agree. We need to find a better balance as a society. Social media tends to encourage people to be self-centered. It can be good to help us discover each other’s needs…but it also encourages slactivism. Am I just sitting at my computer when something needs to be done? Commenting instead of really reaching out?

    1. lori landis art Avatar

      Thank you Adrienne! Business relationships to your success? Who are you?

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