Building Up Your Endurance

Growing Up 113×11 acrylic collage on paper $350

Hi Fellow travelers,  On this exciting journey that we are on, we can learn about ourselves and others.  Rather than moan about how bad everything is, I’ve become a new creature in Christ.  That means looking at situations in a new way and thanking God for the teaching to help me grow.  So I now look at everything in a positive loving way. It’s taking a long time to understand that.  That’s where endurance comes in.  By building on good thinking and taking action to support that thought you are expanding your endurance.  By looking at the moment and not thinking how tough things are but being thankful, I can get through everything including tired feet (ha).

I challenge you to look at your circumstances in a new light and be grateful for endurance and lessons learned.

3 responses to “Building Up Your Endurance”

  1. Lisa Dolan Avatar
    Lisa Dolan

    You are such a tough cookie–she who has endured much can do anything….

  2. lorilandisart Avatar

    Thanks my darling daughter!

  3. arliss Avatar

    Lovey post just like you. I so wanted to make your gallery opening and I had to work and then Saturday I helped out at my granddaughter’s birthday party. I will get there soon.
    Have a wonderful thanksgiving. I am very grateful for you!!


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