Resting and Waiting

Closing the gallery took a lot out of me including my broken tailbone.  It’s been 3 weeks and a very slow recovery.  But I don’t mind because I know God has something wonderful ahead for me.   When I have pain I’m not able  to try to “figure” anything out but to rest in my mind body and spirit.   So in the next few weeks I’ll be working and improving my website.   Maybe next week I’ll go to my storage unit and straighten things out.

My artwork is still available and if you need a commission let me know.   I’m going to enjoy and have a feast of life.  Hopefully you feel that with my paintings.  Go to or e-mail me at: 


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  1. Denise Landis Avatar

    You are such a smart woman. Good luck with your new ventures and earned rest. We get important messages from God in uncomfortable ways sometimes. Huh? Feel better each day.

    1. lori landis art Avatar

      Thanks Denise! Hope you are doing well.

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