It’s amazing to me how I could not see that I’ve been in a box of my own making.  There are  so many ways to trap myself and then wonder how did I do that.  It brings frustration and personal illness.  I was trying so hard to be like other art studio/galleries on the street (Main St gallery row Scottsdale).  For instance,  I thought i needed be open certain hours even though it meant a hardship to getting other things done like getting my marketing and office work done at home on my computer.  It was like clipping my wings to fly.  I’m not into pressure but I was doing the very thing that was hurting me in my body and spirit.  Now that I don’t have to do my art business like someone else but just what instinctively is right for me. I’ll still go down to my studio to paint and be open so I can visit with people when they are by and hopefully encourage others on their journey.

My daughter who is going through a divorce has been rethinking about her life.   Once she decided to do something about it, she has grown into her real authentic self.  She’s really blossoming and excited about her future.  She’s not boxed in and is in the process of flying.   Her blog  Please go to it, she’s an amazing writer.


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  1. docrob50 Avatar

    Hi, I found your blog through your profile in LinkedIn – as you and I connected. I see you dabble or study using Zen ideas in your work – so do I. Do you have any posted?

    thank you

    1. lorilandisart Avatar

      Hi Robert, Thank you for your comment. I just read your blog and following it. I’m not into flowers but your photography makes them so beautiful. So what do you mean do I have any posted? Lori

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