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I’ve really been blessed.  I’ve had such wonderful events that I didn’t pay for that came to me unexpectedly. Yesterday http://www.ArtsyShark.com featured my work and she asked me.  Phoenix Home and Garden published 2 of my paintings within this last year. Scottsdale’s cox communications government channel did a 30 minute segment on me and I was on the Hallmark channel in 2004.  I’m just amazed how when I’m depending on God even though I still put myself out there.  I’m meeting great people along the way. What a fantastic journey this is. Image

10 responses to “on YouTube Lori Landis”

  1. Kathleen Krucoff Avatar

    You truly have had a wonderful journey and more successes to come Lori! Well deserved. Yes, she you leave it to God, He takes care of it. May more of His blessings continue fill your life my friend.

    1. lorilandisart Avatar

      Thank you Kathleen. You have a blessing from God too.

  2. Denise Landis Avatar

    Lori, you deserve all this attention! Happy for you!

    1. lorilandisart Avatar

      Thanks Denise. How are you?

  3. Aj Avatar

    Couldn’t happen to a more deserving person. I love you faith and your sweetness. Congrats Lori!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. lorilandisart Avatar

      Thanks AJ. How are you?

  4. Dolly Kennedy Avatar

    Hello Lori
    I am so honored to know you!

    1. Dolly Kennedy Avatar
      1. lori landis art Avatar

        Thanks Dolly you are a great woman!

      2. Dolly Kennedy Avatar

        WE are, Lori!

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