Revamping my Thinking

Southwestern Joy 36x36 acrylic $2900You know I can get stuck  in an old way but I see unless I revamp my thinking,  I won’t be going anywhere meaningful.   Taking time to do the quiet time needed is more difficult than I thought.  I started  to go one way like this morning but I ended up cleaning out my art drawers which needed attention then I went to 2 exercise classes this morning lunch then went to the store.  How did that happen and here it is 2:00 already?   I tried to do that yesterday too.  I got myself sidetracked by investigating a studio opportunity, lunch with an art friend, which I always love, then husband asked to go to the cigar place to hang out so I thought I’d go someplace quiet and I ended up having a glass of wine and just enjoying that.  I guess it depends on how I want my journey to be.  I can either get intense and worry or know that I’m living the best life I know how at this moment. 

Okay okay, you think I’m a procastinator but the will is to be aware and ramping up my thinking is part of that.

5 responses to “Revamping my Thinking”

  1. Lisa Dolan Avatar
    Lisa Dolan

    Sometimes you just gotta go with the flow… 🙂

  2. arliss Avatar

    Just enjoy the process. You work so hard all the time I think it’s nice that you are taking time for the fun things as well. <3

  3. lorilandisart Avatar

    Thanks gals.

  4. Barbara Rudolph Avatar

    I hope your studio opportunity works out. It was wonderful to see you today and I would love to see your new series of work in person soon.

  5. lorilandisart Avatar

    It was good to see you too, Barbara! I’ll let you know when I get set in the new studio.

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