New Series in The Works

I’ve just started a new series that I had planned years ago.  It’s the first week beginning in Genesis.  I had to order a special size of canvas 60×30 from Sunbelt Mfg in Texas.  They did a great job  of having 2 struts plus corners on the back.  Luckily it’s not heavy, otherwise I would have trouble lifting them.  You have to order 6.  I’m wanting this to be my gift to God so I’m very slowly developing each painting.  I also have a couple of friends come by individually so we can have a play day.  It’s amazing what comes out of our own work when we are working together. The synergy is terrific, once a month.

Can’t believe it’s summer all ready but the other studios and I will be open during the summer too especially every Thursday Art Walk night.  If you are in town or coming to visit AZ, come to visit us.

Zen World VII 39×39 acrylic on soft canvas $4300

3 responses to “New Series in The Works”

  1. Lisa Dolan Avatar
    Lisa Dolan

    And so it begins…:)

  2. Denise Landis Avatar

    How cool is that? Enjoy!

  3. lorilandisart Avatar

    Thanks Lisa and Denise.

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