Time and Time is When?

Thoughts Going Round 5×7 acrylic $225

It’s amazing to me that as I get older time seems to fly by.  I start a big project, right now it’s a newsletter, then I get side tracked.  I have dr’s appointments, friends that call that require me to see them before they start their big project, this blog (needs to be done once a week) and so on.  Life does that and I’m determined to become much more aware of what I need to become an even better person.  I need to discern that life is precious so I will drop my project at the time because that friend is precious and we don’t see each other maybe once a month or two.   Nothing is so important that I can’t take the time to be a friend.  Now if people abuse that then I cut the time.

I guess my point is that God time, husband time, family time, friend time, plus me time, especially painting time  are times I serve.  The business end of my art career gets out of balance and that is not how I want to live my life.  It gets so out of wack because I choose to be a business person too and do all the “social media”.  It’s nice to make connections over the internet but not to the point of wasting my time and time is when?

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  1. Kim Avatar

    This is a hard one, Lori! It seems as though there are so many thing which need to be done and which you want to participate in doing. For me, the challenge is staying free enough to actually get to that part of myself which allows me to paint and that means freeing up more of my time. Of course our lives are very different, but in my case knowing my priorities and sticking with them is critical to being able to paint. It is a challenge and I wish you well in finding the balance you are craving…a very good thing to recognize in my book. 🙂

  2. Lisa Dolan Avatar
    Lisa Dolan

    I find a daily list and sometimes a strict time allowed for each item helps. There surely aren’t enough hours in the day… I also rotate stuff so I can get SOMETHING done in each area. Keep at it, you are doing really great!!!!!!! Love this painting too! (I think it would look GREAT in my house…. ) hee hee…

  3. renee phillips Avatar

    Lori, Your work gets more powerful and enlightening all the time. It’s clear you are always in God time!
    For me the goal is to do everything all the time in God time, whether I’m doing a consultation with an artist or creating art or washing my dishes. I didn’t say i always achieve this but I try. My morning affirmations help me start the day in that state of awareness.
    Keep up the wonderful blog entries. They always make us become more aware.

  4. renee phillips Avatar

    Of course I must add I am also obsessed with trying to master organization, priorities, goal setting/achievement and write reams about this trying to help others do the same.

  5. lorilandisart Avatar

    I love all your replies!!! Thanks Kim, Lisa and Renee. You all are great!

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