A Beginning of A New Chapter

Here it is January 2, 2014 and a new chapter in this journey taken.   It’s exciting to look forward to all the possibilities that are in the future.  After midnight of the 1st, I sat and thought of what I would like to see happen this year God willing.   I’m not a goal oriented person but putting my thoughts on paper gives me a clarity to what I really would like to achieve.   It tells me what steps to take or if it really something that I would like to do.   Some things I really need help on like computer organization or writing a book.   The possibilities are enormous  and I’m grateful to what I have going on but also the mystery of the unknown.  How about you?  What is your new chapter?

Opening up the World
Opening up the World

4 responses to “A Beginning of A New Chapter”

  1. Denise Landis Avatar

    The older I get, the more I believe anything is possible! Go for it Lori!

    1. lori landis art Avatar

      Right on Denise!!

  2. Kathleen Krucoff Avatar

    I know you will accomplish what you set out to do!

  3. lori landis art Avatar

    Thanks Kathleen! I’m getting focused at age 70!

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