When you drive , are you aware of your surroundings?  When you go around in your daily lives are you aware?  What I mean about being aware is about being in the present, not in the past, not in the future.  That can be a real challenge because how I view today influences tomorrow and way beyond.  It’s about my attitude and love.  It’s about loving the day to day life that I live.  Having peace and not letting little things destroy my joy.  Being aware of my emotions and what it costs me in the long run.  It’s choosing the best of attitudes to let my peace show inward and outward.

I was letting my frustration of where I wanted to go with 6th day of Genesis series.  Letting some news get inside of me.  I stopped being aware and let the stress step into my peace.  I have to be aware at all times and let my life flow effortlessly.    I have tried to upload a pic and it doesn’t allow me to do it.

7 responses to “Being Aware”

  1. Kathleen Krucoff Avatar

    Excellent points Lori. Being aware, focusing on that present moment in time certainly channels our energies so much better!

    1. lorilandisart Avatar

      Thanks Kathleen!

  2. Denise Landis Avatar

    You crack me up but you are a true role model. Mucho love coming your way lady!

  3. lorilandisart Avatar

    Denise, Kove bak at you!! How’s it going?

  4. lorilandisart Avatar

    I did the last comment in the dark. I meant to say Love back at you!

    1. Denise Landis Avatar

      See! You’re still cracking me up!

      1. lorilandisart Avatar

        You made me laugh Denise and giggle.

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