Dithering Is That A Word???

It seems that as I paint over older paintings I’m coming up with ideas that are all over the place.

I choose different colors that the art piece had before leaving just part of the art in an area.

Planning is not my juice. I attack then squeeze paint here there and every where. I am

learning more about myself as I journey through creativity.

I’ve been in galleries but if I change my style I’m no longer wanted there because I’m not

consistent. In Oregon, I had a show gave a talk sold 5 large paintings in that month alone.

they gave me the freedom to send more but because I changed from red to deep turquoise

they didn’t want to represent me I believe it was more than that though. That is why I opened

my own gallery here in Arizona. Times changed and I changed. I closed my gallery for years.

God has a plan for me so I continue to paint but more relaxed and free rather than trying

to get accepted and follow what everyone else is doing. My heart belongs to Jesus and I know

I’m loved by God. so maybe I am dithering but I am in peace.

Author: lori landis art

Working in acrylic mostly on canvas with texture, writing, speaking and teaching adults to finding their creative selves. Spiritual endeavoring to explore the journey of painting and creativity using faith and hope. Now blossoming in new ideas and and new awareness.

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