Dithering Is That A Word???

It seems that as I paint over older paintings I’m coming up with ideas that are all over the place.

I choose different colors that the art piece had before leaving just part of the art in an area.

Planning is not my juice. I attack then squeeze paint here there and every where. I am

learning more about myself as I journey through creativity.

I’ve been in galleries but if I change my style I’m no longer wanted there because I’m not

consistent. In Oregon, I had a show gave a talk sold 5 large paintings in that month alone.

they gave me the freedom to send more but because I changed from red to deep turquoise

they didn’t want to represent me I believe it was more than that though. That is why I opened

my own gallery here in Arizona. Times changed and I changed. I closed my gallery for years.

God has a plan for me so I continue to paint but more relaxed and free rather than trying

to get accepted and follow what everyone else is doing. My heart belongs to Jesus and I know

I’m loved by God. so maybe I am dithering but I am in peace.

One response to “Dithering Is That A Word???”

  1. lisal51 Avatar

    I’m glad you’re at peace 🙂

    Lisa Landis Sent from my iPhone 612.751.2249


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