Relaxing by Playing with Paint

This summer has been a blessing even with some minor physical problems.  It caused me to really listen to the Holy Spirit and be quiet.  I am content more so than I’ve ever been.  I’m playing with paints and the images are coming out so differently than the plainly abstract that I usually do.   I don’t question it  I’m just playing with paint and not questioning it.  Aspen trees I just love so here are 2.  They range in price.  Aspen Leaves 16x 16_edited-1 Aspen Love 12x 12_edited-2

2 responses to “Relaxing by Playing with Paint”

  1. deena pace Avatar
    deena pace

    OK Lori I’m here. Just PLAY PLAY PLAY….I can see you’re having fun.

    1. lori landis art Avatar

      Thanks Deena!

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