This Is A Test

I’m not a computer techie. So when I say this is a test, it is a test to see if I can stay calm and know that God will provide the answers when I’m dealing with computer stuff. I have an external drive but I quit using it because I thought it wasn’t working. I had an issue with the cord of my IPhone that was bad when I connected it to my computer.  Then I uploaded the new operating system of Lion for IMAC. As the guy at the apple store said never get new software  until the kinks get worked out. So I lost 8 months of data and for my website too.  I’ve been trying to upload files from my host server. Hopefully that will go better. Anyway, whatI’m trying to say, is if you keep the faith no matter what comes at you and keep calm, you are passing the test that you’ve learned some valuable lessons, not letting the externals get you down and you can have peace.Image

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