Ups and Downs in Life

Working through the ups and downs in life can sometimes take a toll.  But  if you have peace in God  that seesaw becomes joyful with twists and turns and great surprises.  I was watching this morning a program about mentoring young adult artists and the various arts they are participating in and heard something I haven’t heard in a long time.  It was the song  “The Impossible Dream”.  It brought me to tears.  What a surprise!!! The words were so moving about creating.

Looking at my art I can look with new eyes.  I’ve been called to make the best art I can make without thinking about sales but just about my connection with all humanity and love!!  Yes, I can make art with great love. There will be trials to strengthen me but the ups and downs will  level out with that love and peace.  This painting is called “An Uncommitted Day”.

An Uncommitted Day
24×24 acrylic

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  1. aj Avatar

    Lori I love this painting.

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