To win a race you have to run many miles even when your legs feel like they’re going to fall off.  What you are doing is building endurance.   That is what I’m in the process of doing, I’m building endurance.   I can’t sit around and daydream and think I can win.  No, I need to take action.  I ask God for help then I start out with a steady pace.   On my journey there are obstacles to face but I keep plodding on.  I might stumble but I keep the pace.   In the meantime, there are pleasant encounters and lovely surprises along the way.  It’s the moving that brings those unexpected moments.   I rejoice that my breathing gets easier and my thought process gets easier and more joyful.  So to win the race build up your endurance muscles and have fun along the way.

Pushing Ahead NFS
Pushing Ahead NFS



3 responses to “Endurance to Win The Race”

  1. Kathleen Krucoff Avatar

    I can tell you have the determination to do anything you set your mind to. Cheering you on Lori!

  2. Larry Landis Avatar
    Larry Landis

    Well said.Boy is your husband a lucky guy.

  3. lorilandisart Avatar

    Thanks Kathleen!! Larry,Yes you are!

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