Lots of Outpouring from Fred and Gail

November 7th 2015,  Their was an outpouring of love and appreciation going on.  Fred and Gail Tieken had their first opening of their art gallery and invited 44 (plus Fred)  artists to show their work called AZ45.  It was a magical evening. The work that was put into this opening was amazing!!  It was like a premiere.  They had Kleig lights, caterers, valet parking and a wonderful jazz group.  It was fun to mix with so many young artists that I had never met and getting to see their work.  They also had a professional photographer taking pictures.  The weather was just right and under the stars it couldn’t be more perfect.   What a gift you gave us all Fred and Gail.  Thank you.

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  1. cindyschnackel Avatar

    It was a memorable event, wasn’t it?! 🙂

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