What do numbers mean to you?

Belief 20×20 acrylic heavy gel

There are special numbers that have so much meaning. What do numbers mean to you?  I’m exploring that in my new series,  “The Power Of “THE” 3″.  I entered one of them into the Cave Creek Film and Arts Festival  (Arizona).  It will be up until July 18th.   It’s called Belief. I have been drawing closer to God and to me the symbol of 3 means Father, Son, Holy Spirit.  It can also mean body,mind and spirit.  It has many meanings.  What does the 3 symbolize to you?

I’m taking time off for the rest of the month to take care of some things but I’ll be up and running again and making more number symbol paintings.  Let me know, what do numbers mean to you?

2 responses to “What do numbers mean to you?”

  1. Katushka Millones Avatar

    Hello again! It’s always a pleasure to read your postings. To me number three is serenity. It’s the middle point between Joy and Sadness, and viceversa…

  2. lorilandisart Avatar

    Thanks Katushka!

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