My right arm is getting better!

The realization that my right arm wasn’t working well was when I developed trigger finger. My right arm had gotten weaker and weaker through the Covid time when the gym was closed and I was just walking outside. Silver Sneakers is a program for seniors to help work all the body to keep in shape and I was losing out where it was difficult to use even driving!

For those who don’t know my left arm is paralyzed from polio when I was a young girl. That was an epidemic in the late 40’s early 50’s until Jonas Salk came out with the polio vaccine. I was paralyzed from the neck down and slowly recovered body movement except my left arm.

Using my right arm is very important and so when I was getting weaker and weaker I didn’t understand why. I developed flare ups in my skin and went to the dermatologist to understand what was happening and developed the trigger finger the flare ups and all because of the foods like citrus and nightshade. So I cut down on those foods but came to the realization that my arm wasn’t working like it should. Sometimes when something else is happening God helps you to realize that I needed help with something else. I went to an Ortho Dr. He gave me a shot for my trigger finger which really helped but also recommended physical therapy. Tomorrow’s my third session. I’m doing exercises at home and doing extra at therapy. My therapist is very encouraging. So a new adventure is here and I am very grateful!

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