Lazy Days of Summer

Buttons All Around NFs

I’ve really taken that to heart, the lazy days of summer.  Yes, I’m working on getting my series prepared by adding new sides and painting the edges.  As far as social media, not so much.   I’ve done my blog every  2 or 3 weeks instead of every week. My visitors to my website and to this blog have gone down but I’m not concerned.  I went to a great networking party of creatives not just painters but all kinds and I had a great time.  I certainly want to continue to meet new people and get to know them and send them an e-mail saying how nice it was to meet them.   Just little touches but you never know what can happen with small but gracious gestures.  

In the past , I was so anxious to push that my intensity burned me out.  So I’m recovering from surgery and just enjoying the lazy days of summer.  Are you?                                                         By the way My Dad was in the Pearl button business that is why this Mandala picture .

3 responses to “Lazy Days of Summer”

  1. arliss Avatar

    Love it!!!!

  2. lorilandisart Avatar

    Yhanks Arliss!

  3. Lisa Dolan Avatar
    Lisa Dolan

    I LOVE that Button Mandala–that is so cool! It almost has that commercial cool art look to it!

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