Hope is a powerful word.  It’s the basis of dreams and goals.  If you can’t hope for the future and then build on it, you’ll be stuck in the same place year after year.   As an artist it’s more that that.

I get stuck in myriad of ways.  One is listening to the gurus of the art world that this way is better or that way is better instead of listening inwardly for the guidance of intuition or for me the Holy Spirit.  Feeling that others know what is the best for ME.   It’s a terrible trap.  The trap is applicable in every area in life, where I live, where I eat, what car I drive etc.   Listening inward and getting guidance gives me hope for each day and new adventure.  Hope springs eternal. I Can Speak For Myself 24x36 acrylic

4 responses to “Building on Hope”

  1. Denise Landis Avatar

    Sometimes when I read your words, I think we ARE RELATED! I’m always challenged by you to go inward for strength as an artist. Thanks Lori!

  2. lorilandisart Avatar

    Thanks Denise, I think we are related by spirit.

  3. Kathleen Krucoff Avatar

    You are on the right path; listening to be guided by the Spirit. Thanks for sharing your insights!

  4. lorilandisart Avatar

    Thanks Kathleen, We are listening.

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