Ephesians 3:17 is my favorite verse and Psalms 23 is my prayer.

I started this art journey when children were grown and I found what He chose me to do. I started by finding an elective of drawing when I went back to college.After more than 23 some years and now more, I have been in galleries in Delray Beach Florida, Oregon, Telluride, Scottsdale. I’m in corporate collections like General Dynamics on the east coast., I’ve been on the Hallmark channel and in numerous publications including the Phoenix Business Journal. I even have videos on You Tube including the one by The Hallmark channel giving me the right to publish it. I’ve taught workshops and given speeches under Lori landis art.

I love to paint abstract expressionistic geometric acrylic and mixed media paintings some with texture. My background I started with many life drawing classes including classical drawing. It has been wonderful but challenging. The blog started on July 2008 that tells of my walk.

But nothing makes sense if I don’t have the Holy Spirit to guide me. I forgot that for many years and went into a funk. I made my art an idol and really couldn’t be my self to evolve my art. I’m letting go and I’m grateful.

During the polio epidemic in late 40’s and 50’s I was paralyzed from my neck down. Had to learn to walk again and lost the mobility of my left arm. Do you see why I am grateful to the Lord Jesus Christ? He died for me and has given me hope peace and joy for the journey.

Where are you on your journey ?

Have questions? Send me an email at lori@lorilandisart.com

This was in Scottsdale North Magazine many years ago

Publication March 2022