E-mail Overload

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Do you get a 100 e-mails a day or more? Do they pertain to you or your situation? I’m on overload because I joined loads of linked-in groups and facebook groups because I’m trying to be social media smart.  It is draining to say the least. Today I’ve been trying to get my e-mail lists uploaded to a service e-mail company and I’ve tried Icontact, benchmark, constantcontact, mailchimp from my outlook express under my e-mail newsletter lists.   It’s so complicated I even had 2 different people at one service provider who passed me on to a third who couldn’t come up with the answer.  I wasn’t being rude I just asked how to do it and I followed directions but it didn’t work.  All this time wasted!  I think I can figure things out and I can verbalize my problem but they must be on a different page than I.  I’ve done my own newsletter for years but now that I want to know who opens my e-mails and I can’t seem to get it done.

Here I am trying to my best to be out there in the trenches, being more pro active getting some good information,  some “wasting my time”  information.  I need to be very selective of the groups I’m in and  looking to spend more time out there meeting people and developing relationships face to face rather than spending so much time on e-mail overload.

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