It Takes So Long

Talking Among Ourselves 39×15 acrylic on door NFS

I’m trying to get a painting done to e-mail for a show today.  I’m just tweaking but now I have to wait for the sun to shine in to get a really good photo done then e-mail all the paperwork and jpeg of the painting. .  So while I’m waiting, I worked on another painting, talked to a person in San Francisco about a possibility of some art there,  and doing this blog  I have a new phone that I need to get updated.  I know now why I don’t enter many juried shows.  I make mistakes and that doubles the work time. 

Someone who isn’t an artist said to me,  “Oh you get to paint all day and just have fun.  If I was a hobbyist that would be true.  I’m a researcher, a perpetual learner of my art,  a business woman keeping up with social media,  a supporter of friends plus as many many of you are family oriented too.  I pray because I have a belief in God.  I’m so very grateful for all of it!!!!!

4 responses to “It Takes So Long”

  1. Rhea Ashcraft Avatar

    Lori … thank you for this blog today…

    1. lorilandisart Avatar

      Thanks Rhea. Are you in the same boat paddling upstream?

  2. arliss Avatar

    You are one of the hardest working people I know and you are just a ball of wonderful energy! Love the blog and the painting “Talking among ourselves”.

    Arliss 🙂

    1. lorilandisart Avatar

      Thanks Arliss!

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