Discipline is not a dirty word

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Listing all the things I want to accomplish this week I get tired.  That is where discipline comes into play. Having excitement in what you do can make doing these projects easy.  If you’re not having fun it can be just another long day.   So I’ve entered a juried show which took me three hours to do because I kept making mistakes but I kept at it until it was done.  I’ve entered another show and did all the paperwork for that.   I’ve signed up for MailChimp.com that is like constant contact but doesn’t cost anything up to 500 names. ( i have done my own newsletter for years but I’d rather have it done) ( it also lets me know who has opened the e-mails.)  I have a list of people who have signed up for my newsletter and need to put in computer.  ( I have 180 names for e-mails and 84 snail mails.)( Ionly send a newsletter every 1-2 months)But the most exciting thing I’m doing is a 5ft by 7ft painting that I’m taking pictures each step of the way. 

So if I’m working toward my goals discipline is not a dirty word,  it is a freeing word.

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  1. Kathleen Krucoff Avatar

    I absolutely agree with you Lori! Discipline is an asset. Another change in mindset I have made is to focus on all that I accomplish during the day instead of things I didn’t get to. I feel so much better and please about the things I have completed, it keeps me going.

    I use Mail Chimp for my newsletter. It has a few quirks, but overall I am very satisfied and it is great to know who has opened the newsletter too.

    Thanks discussing the positive aspects of discipline!

  2. Kim Avatar

    Gee Lori, You are truly trying to get a lot accomplished. It is a challenge to do all of these things when the studio keeps calling you and calling, you, too! I am not so good with keeping my fingers out of the studio to accomplish other things, but sometimes I think so much of the rest of my life requires so much discipline that I just can’t bring myself to deal with it concerning my art. I know you will accomplish great things and I look forward to hearing how this all comes out!

  3. lorilandisart Avatar

    Hi Kathleen and Km, isn’t nice to know we’re not alone working toward our goals? Glad to hear you are pleased with MailChimp Kathleen.

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