Doing Stuff you don’t like to do

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You know when you sit down to do marketing and social media and all the stuff you don’t like to do, it feels so overwhelming.  I’ve decided that I’m turning over a new leaf and change my thinking.  I believe that I can enjoy the process knowing it brings me one step closer to my goals.  I can change my attitude even though nothing else has changed.  What happened?   I was listening to Joyce Meyer the other day and she said you can rest in your soul while doing what you need to do just resting in God. Of course there was more but the Word said have a light heart.

So I’m doing another mailing and just enjoying life. Maybe it’s Springtime. The word is JOYfilled.

3 responses to “Doing Stuff you don’t like to do”

  1. Lisa Dolan Avatar
    Lisa Dolan

    It has been drilled into my head to do things you least want to do first, then the fun stuff! The tedious gets accomplished and you get to end your day on a happy note!

  2. renee Avatar

    Wonderful blog entry, as always. I have learned to approach every activity with gratitude and an anticipation of positive benefits. The right music to accompany me for certain otherwise menial tasks also helps! Plus, I love to do the marketing and social networking, so I don’t think this blog was written with me in mind. Maybe all these years of coaching others I’ve brainwashed myself!

  3. lorilandisart Avatar

    Thank you Renee for your always positive input!
    Thanks Lisa!for your comment!

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