Renewal and “Spring Cleaning”

Night Session – Mandala NFS

The words “spring cleaning” brings to mind a clearing out with the old dust and dirt and freshening up our spaces with the windows open.  That is what I have been doing with my thoughts, a renewal of my mind.  It’s so much better than resolutions at the beginning of the year.  I dedicated a period of time to rethink and rejuvenate my thinking.  I set it to finish at midnight 3/31 before April Fool’s Day starts. 

I started with a list of things I choose to have in my life, then goals, then a time frame for the goals, then a step by step plan how to get there. Some things I couldn’t figure the step by step plan so I’m letting them go for now.  It has so far done me a world of good.  Just by making a couple of decisions has renewed me and my thoughts already, the heaviness is no longer there. Hurrah!

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  1. Lisa Avatar

    Let me know if you need help cleaning out the dustbunnies in there! LOL!
    Love Lisa

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