Raining Positive Vibes

Zen Spirit 60x36 acrylic, gold leaf $4800

As you probably know it doesn’t rain much in the Sonoran Desert where I live in Arizona.  It’s very hot in the summer but lovely in the winter.  I live on the upside of the McDowell Mountains.  I also live in the upside of my heart.  Ever since I decided to not listen to old recordings in my head of negativity, I live with positive vibes.

 I’m having a solo show in Scottsdale at ArtSpace gallery next week and I’m jamming to get new paintings ready, writing my theme statement “My Thoughts Revealed” and will be the guest with Renee Phillips of ManhattanArts.com on her blog “HealingPowerOfArt.blogspot.com.  I also will be teaching mandalas and about art for an elderhostel the first week in March. Whew, how blessed am I?  It all came together just in a month.  If you are thinking with the upside of your heart, it will be raining positive vibes for you also.

Author: lori landis art

Working in acrylic mostly on canvas with texture, writing, speaking and teaching adults to finding their creative selves. Spiritual endeavoring to explore the journey of painting and creativity using faith and hope. Now blossoming in new ideas and and new awareness.

2 thoughts

  1. Lori, I love Zen Spirit! It is excellent and so uplifting. Using the gold leaf was brilliant!

    It sure is raining POSITIVE all around you, girl. These are fabulous opportunities and I am sure you will be reaping more benefits from each one very soon. I find it amazing how much good positive thoughts and feelings can bring to us. We only have to be open to the possibilities, right?

    I will be very eager to hear and see how well each of these wonderful experiences go for you! Let me say, Congratulations and Good Luck!

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