“My Thoughts Revealed”

Sky Dreams 13x11 acrylic on paper $500

I have many diverse thoughts doing painting.  I can either  paint what I want to paint or what galleries want and sometimes it is a mixture of both.  But  as an abstract artist I have more leeway.  I experiment as much as I can within my health boundries or money boundries.  I’ve covered over some paintings that I had grown tired and some that I have never shown to the world that are  so totally different and the world has changed somewhat.

Next month on Feb 25th 2010 at ArtSpace 7127 6th Ave  Scottsdale AZ  I will be having a solo show of many of my diverse thoughts.   After dealing with sickness the last month and a half maybe I can get going and just enjoy all the fun!

Author: lori landis art

Working in acrylic mostly on canvas with texture, writing, speaking and teaching adults to finding their creative selves. Spiritual endeavoring to explore the journey of painting and creativity using faith and hope. Now blossoming in new ideas and and new awareness.

5 thoughts

  1. Hello Lori,

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving a message. I hope you feel free to return again and again and insert your comments along with some others.

    First of all, let me say a BIG CONGRATULATIONS on your solo show. If I were in Scottsdale, I would be right there. I also adore “Sky Dreams”. The movement you have been able to achieve with this work is truly wonderful. I love the way the swirl gently reminds me how important it is to stay the course and keep the balance in life. It is a very introspective piece with a great deal to observe and contemplate.

    I will take a bit more time to explore here a bit later. I did want to say thank you and do share some photos of your opening when the time comes!

  2. MOM–
    Good Lord woman, your stuff continues to amaze me! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE “Sky Dreams”!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait to see you in a few days!

    Your Fan!

  3. Of course, anyone can come. We’ll be having wine and nibbles. It should be fun. Sky Dreams is part of 4 paintings on paper. I paint so different on paper than on canvas.
    See you at the opening!

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