My Mind and Focus

Dancing With Joy 36x12 Acrylic on board $1800.00
Dancing With Joy 36×12 Acrylic on board $1800.00

The last few weeks of summer has had my mind in a jumble.  But now that autumn and cooler weather is here I can move forward and be more focused or at least trying to be more focused.  I’ve pulled back on facebook and especially Twitter. It’s so easy to get lost with all of that.  It’s the chatter and games that people that are playing that keep me from really seeing the valuable stuff that is going on.

Good news though, I’ve been striking out in new ways in my paintings.  Enjoying my time with luscious paint.  Time when I’m not in the gym training, promoting my art work or spending time with my man.  My daughter has written a great book and I’ve done a little editing for her.  I am so blessed to have the present now.  The flow is there. I just choose to focus my mind on all the wonderful things that God has for me.

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  1. Kathleen Krucoff Avatar

    That sounds wonderful Lori! Glad to see you back. I try to sort through all the ‘white noise’ to find the beneficial information on Twitter and FB. Yours is definitely beneficial to me.

    1. lorilandisart Avatar

      Thanks Kathleen, I really appreciate it. Lori

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