Finding Your Creative Self

Opening the World
Opening the World

“Finding Your Creative Self” is the workshop I teach to help people expand their thinking through making Mandalas. Tibetan Monks and Navajos use mandalas for healing.  That is why I like to help people step outside of their old way of thinking into  a free flowing  and liberating experience.

Creativity can be stifled at a very young age by people telling you can’t do something.  Maybe someone said something that  what you did was not worthy.  That happened to me.  I did crafts as a sometime hobby but  I went back to college and found a drawing class that brought out in me a wonderful and enduring passion to be a painter.  Being creative brought me a new world that I love while on this journey of life. 

I want to bring a gift of creativity to you. If you would like to know more about my workshops let me know. 1-602-576-0406 or e-mail me at

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  1. Renee Avatar

    Hi Lori,
    Your workshop is invaluable. I’m wondering, are you presenting them regularly? Would you consider allowing us to republish this entry you wrote and add more about why and how you conduct this workshop — for our healing power of art blog? Thank you for considering this. I think our blog readers would really enjoy it.

    1. lorilandisart Avatar

      Yes Renee you can republish. I do from time to time teach the workshop. I’m doing a more involve one teaching mandalas but also painting too. This is for Elderhostel at the Franciscan Center Mar 1 thru the 5th 2010. The center is where the video on my home page on the listing side shows “Creative Spirit” for the Hallmark channel. I was walking their labryinth and then my old studio. I taught a short 45 min version for the Women’s conference there last year. I’m not catholic but it is a very spiritual space.

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