Choosing My Thoughts

Centering 36x12 acrylic, copper and silver leaf $1800
Centering 36×12 acrylic, copper and silver leaf $1800

We seem nowadays to be available on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, putting our thoughts outside of ourselves.  I have joined networking groups just to get my name known.  Any business tries to market themselves but am I stealing from my inner self?  There is a balancing act to be sure.  Knowing who you really are and choosing  thoughts that are grateful and just glad to BE helps.  Just being aware keeps negative thoughts from taking root.  Believe me , I learned that the hard way.

I taught and teach classes on “Using Art to find Your Authentic Self”.  It is thrilling to see someone have an ah-ha moment.  From then on the search goes on for that person to knowingly choose their thoughts and being true to themselves.

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  1. Kathleen Krucoff Avatar

    Oh I like this a lot. What a cool class that must be, “Using Art to find Your Authentic Self”. I do feel like I’ve been emerging through my work a lot lately…most notably in this past year. It is a wonderful feeling. I bet the course you teach is just phenomenal!

    1. lorilandisart Avatar

      Thanks Kathleen. My class is in Scottsdale Arizona Sept 12th.

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