Adding to the Journey

Swingin' High 30x24 sold
Swingin' High 30×24 sold

Working toward dreams,goals brings into my life new experiences that I had never thought of before.  I talked about balance in my previous blog but I’m talking about now the journey to achieve my goals. I never though about teaching as part of my dream but I really enjoy bringing new thoughts and  ideas to other people.  I’m teaching the 2nd part of “Beginning Marketing” to other artists.  I taught about “Using Art For Meditation” to people who want to grow in their spiritual lives. The connection through all these classes is a universal thing. 

I’m thinking about my next series and how to incorporate the two ideas that I have into a synergy that makes my art alive to the viewer.  Please e-mail me at if you would like to be on my e-mail list.

6 responses to “Adding to the Journey”

  1. renee phillips Avatar

    Lori, Among all of your blessed talents you are a generous spirit, so it’s only natural that you add teacher to the list. You enjoy sharing your ideas, inspiration, courageous deeds and experiences as well as guide others to be more self expressive. Bravo!

    1. lorilandisart Avatar

      Thank you Renee. I really appreciate you and your helpful words.

  2. Lisa Dolan Avatar
    Lisa Dolan

    I love all the positive things you’ve been saying in your blogs. Sometimes the dream takes us to different places–I think the teaching is a really great thing for you!

    1. lorilandisart Avatar

      Thanks, Lisa. I’ve really blessed in all things.

  3. kathleenkrucoff Avatar

    I am a big believer in setting goals. Your positive energy flows from your post and I think teaching seems like a natural evolution….more like mentoring. Looking forward to following your blog.

    1. lorilandisart Avatar

      Thanks Kathleen, I do believe in artists helping one another.

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