Evolving into Something More

yin-yang-a-balanced-life-i-36x24-acrylic-collageChange is sometimes unsettling but very good for me and I’m sure for you too.  It doesn’t always seem good but evolving into something more takes a dash of courage and patience.  I’m always climbing a ladder to be better with plateaus in between.  I did a series a few years back (14 pieces) that is on my website www.Landisart.com called Yin & Yang: Balancing My Life.  It shows there are very busy parts of life and then a quiet plateau then busy, then a plateau.  I’m just finishing my plateau now (I spent time working with a spiritual coach talking with her every day for ten weeks) and I’m ready to move and evolve into something more with action.  I woke up at 2:15 this morning and ready to act with love.

2 responses to “Evolving into Something More”

  1. Denise L Avatar

    Lori, Thanks for sharing this! I wish you great success in action and great peace in inaction.

    1. lorilandisart Avatar

      Thanks Denise, I know that you are into action too.

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