Trying to keep up

mandala-ll-3-making-senseWhen does the madness end? What I’m talking about is all thse social networking groups. I got an invite today from plaxo. I wrote to the person and said I can’t do one more group.  I’m on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin and my space.  I don’t do my space or my art space anymore. everyone has gotten on the bandwagon, it seems like.

I haven’t done my blog for a month either.  I enjoy writing my blog but even that seemed too much time.  With me teaching “Art as Meditation” and “Beginning Marketing for Artists”, working on a new business plan and getting some doctor things done plus springtime allergies I feel like Alice in Wonderland falling down the hole.

On the other hand I’m very grateful that I’m a creator on many levels so I’ll keep up and move forward with gusto.

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  1. Carole Leslie Avatar


    came to visit via your post to my blog and boy that really speaks to me, all the commentary on social networking. I have shyed away from all these sites for a variety of reasons. One is I’ve always thought that it belonged to a generation that I don’t belong to ie my daughter doesn’t want me dropping by her facebook site. There’s something slightly creepy in it, in my mind! And there are a couple of other parts, if this is a social networking thing, marketing isn’t really part of all that in my mind, it’s a bit spammish, isn’t it? a slight abuse of the original intent? And then there’s the time thing. Man, blogging and email and etsy take up enough time. I need time to walk and paint and just live. And do I care if someone just had coffee on twitter, and do you care if I am going to bed now? I don’t know….. that’s my 2 cents worth! Hope I don’t sound too cranky!

    ps wish I was closer to come for art and meditation, but it’s a long drive from Victoria, BC!

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