The World Still Spins on it’s Axis

This colored pencil drawing is called “Opening The World”. It is a mandala which I did a few years ago. This is before I stopped doing the mandalas to start my day. I guess when I moved out of my studio and into my home, I didn’t realize after having an outside studio for 5 years that I would get caught up into home stuff and computer AND the “business of art”. As I get older, focusing is hard because I have to let the painting or paintings dry so I start doing other things. This has got to stop because I’m not into my “Zen Zone” as much.
So I made an “intention” to look for a studio so I can just paint and teach in the first quarter of 2009.
After all the “noise” of the economy the World Still Spins on it’s Axis and I’m not fearful because this is my mission to do art and God honors me doing it.

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