Don’t Panic, Have Faith

Why is everyone going off on a tailspin or running around like a chicken with his head cut off? I believe its because we’ve lost faith in MONEY. But isn’t that the point? Having faith in ourselves and God is what it is all about.
Galleries and artists are fearful so they think that lower prices will help. There are still people out there wanting to buy art but they shy away from those people that have fear in their hearts. I understand about the money situation but having the fear sucks. They bring down the other artists or galleries that are around them just to justify their fears and then it is a feeding frenzy. Lots of people do very well during a down swing why can’t you and I? If you stay away from naysayers and do some great thinking you might come up with a brilliant idea that puts you way up there in business.
The painting is called “Come Together” 6×9 acrylic on paper.

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