just a little "magic"

Painting today and overpainting some work I’ve done previously. The process is sometimes never over. Paintings don’t feel right at some point and I have do new completely or paint out some and cover that part. I have to rest some paintings until I intuitively am ready for them.
People ask, “how long does it take to do a painting?”. It’s not a flippant answer when an artist says hours, days, months, or years.
There is a little “magic” flow to the process.
“Jumping Through Hoops” Hope you love this. We don’t have a dog of our own but here’s one in my mind’s eye.

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  1. JK Avatar

    Hello, my friend! I remember seeing this painting, but it was before Miss Ellie found me. You’ll see when you meet her…it is her smile!!!! Love it!!

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