Shifting Within

I’ve been very busy shifting within. That’s why I haven’t blogged for a couple of weeks. What I mean is that I’m now ready to grow again spiritually and mentally. I think there are stages in life that put me on a path to get into a balance that takes me further in growth,wisdom and clarity. It takes a lot of energy to push myself and still be on my mission.
I’ve accepted help through God, healers that have been sent to me and books to see what I can become by shifting within.
This Painting is “Energy Flows” 4-16×16’s acrylic,4×4 cancvas and stone. $3200.00
The earth shifts with each stone.

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  1. Sue Smith Avatar
    Sue Smith

    Hi Lori, thank you for leaving your comment on my blog. I, too, have been struggling with some “inner shift,” and letting go of preconceived expectations. I finally had to visualize my hands; they were clenched so tightly on my goal my fingers hurt. Then I slowly had to force them palms open to receive no matter what that might be. Boy, it was hard, emotional, but coming through to the other side seems to have opened so many new doors. I read your “news” about the value of art to the woman who’s mother was so ill and lying on the couch. That was a beautiful way to remind us of the spiritual/emotional value of art.

    Are you in Portland? I will be going up to visit my kids next week. If I get the chance I’ll get to the Freed Gallery to see your work.

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