New Painting

Centering is the name of the painting on the right. The size is 36×12 acrylic on board and is priced at $1800. Now that the advertising is over, I’d like to talk about centering or focusing and making your work easier. With all the hoopla going around like TV, Computer, Cell Phone, IPOD’s, etc. I wonder what kind of energy is being drained from your body and brain. All this stuff has been developed basically in the last 12 years so no one knows what long term effects it will have on our nervous system.
What kind of tools can we develop to stop from harming ourselves? I believe meditation, prayer, being in nature, creating can help big time. What other tools can help us on our journey? Let me know what you think.
Centering helps me maintain my balance. Lets me come up with new and exciting ideas. Helps me grow in healthy ways.

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