Klimt & Klee

Klimt & Klee really are great artists. So is my friend Renee Phillips of Manhattanarts.com (look up her jewelry website there). She made this necklace called “Balance” and people can’t keep their eyes off it. ( That’s me).
I don’t know why people who do fine art look down their nose at fine crafts and the artisans who make them.
If you look at quilters who make unique and beautiful quilts or the wood turner who makes a wonderfully crafted table they are doing ART.
I’m amazed at all the wonderful creations that come out of people’s head.
What a joy and joins us all spiritually to make the world a much better place. I’m so grateful to know and be part of the community of creatives.
Klimt & Klee and all the artists before us are I’m sure singing because we are continuing on no matter what obstacles we face.

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