Spring & Follow Thru

Spring is here at last in the desert and I’m loving it! With all the wildflowers blooming there is lots of color. Which I love.
Spring also brings the time when you want to be outside enjoying the weather but your head says be inside so you can follow thru on all the aspects of your business. Being an entrepeneur,which an artist is, there is freedom everyday to do what you want but unless you are disciplined you don’t make money. So there are tradeoffs.
If I play then I have my work hanging over my head. If I don’t play my art suffers.
So what is a person to do?
What do you do?
I’m so fortunate that I love what I do because it helps me grow as a person. I’m always searching self-help books and articles but you get on these people’s lists about this book or that book until you get turned off about it all. Really, it’s simple. Just love what you are today. Just BE. Then all of a sudden follow thru is easy and spring is a delight.

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